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01fd8f8... by Alexander Wolf

Initial support of rocky moons

Something strange is happening here

5a2bf73... by Alexander Wolf

Removed outdated code

f08776e... by gzotti

Solution without computing everything

b87b419... by Alexander Wolf

Exclude outdated solar system objects (#1880)

* First attempt to exclude outdated comet data in ephemeris computations

* Exclude outdated comet data in ephemeris and positions computations

* A small optimization

* Rename the method...

* Update dev. docs

* Improve efficiency of checks

* Notes for developers and change logic of filter

* FIXME comments

* Add a test for valid range of dates for Kepler orbits

* Better interval query

* Fixed filtering in computing of the eclipses and shadows transits in AstroCalc/Phenomena tool

Co-authored-by: Georg Zotti <email address hidden>

9c6c4c8... by gzotti

Avoid lots of computations (Fix #1904)

bf4b510... by alex <email address hidden>

SSE plugin: better intuitive sorting of MPC list by padding (#1835)

- remove duplicate DOU MPEC
- readability

042b7f0... by Alexander Wolf

[GHA] Updated action for create an AppImage

674a8e1... by Alexander Wolf

Cosmetic fix in SUG

cd9ac6e... by Alexander Wolf

typofix in SUG

8506471... by Alexander Wolf

Added translations for public testing