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bb31d25... by gzotti

A very preliminary fix for discussion. (Partial fix of #389)

This removes the whole comet from the screen in Orthographic projection,
when its head is on the wrong hemisphere, but also (wrongly) when its
head is just off screen.
It does not remove the tail that extends to the wrong hemisphere.

641a05c... by gzotti

Avoid a streak of sunlight crossing the screen in Cylindrical (and Hammer and maybe others) projection when the Sun is crossing the left/right edges.

The code is horrible, sorry! We must replicate vertex arrays in various formats, Vec3d, Vec3f, Vector<float>, Vector<double>, ...
I just cannot find the right casts between the apparently simple cases. (float/Vec3f)

This thing is not ready to be merged! It only solves the Sun case,
the Moon is still ripped apart and shows this ugly line.

f0aa72a... by gzotti

Avoid wrap-around rendering artefacts for Comet tails

- in Cylindrical and similar projections, a tail visible on both
screen edges had connecting triangles through the screen.
Now tails are split at the edges.
- Discussed in #389, but that is not fixed here.

3dc8bf5... by Alexander Wolf

Let's make Teegarden's Star name translatable

b84128f... by Alexander Wolf

Added new stars and exoplanets names according to IAU press release "100
000s of People from 112 Countries Select Names for Exoplanet Systems In
Celebration of IAU’s 100th Anniversary"

0ef327f... by Guillaume Chereau

Fix for paths render with orthographic projection

This should fix bug #811. The problem is that with the ortho projection
the points that are 'behind' the sphere should be hidden using culling,
but at the moment we don't really support that. Here I add a clipping
test at the projection, even though this is not optimal (two clipped
points could still be linked by a partially visible line).

Hopefully this is enough to fix the bug. I only activate this with the
ortho projection.

0219137... by Guillaume Chereau

drawSmallCircleVertexArray accepts single point

In that case we just skip it and clear the array. I do this because
it will make the path rendering code a bit simpler by avoiding some
tests for special cases.

cb14ffe... by Alexander Wolf

Oops... Let's restore feature, who was mistakenly deleted in commit
c8042f26d12844ad4368adb095c4812db37c5d7d (issue #819)

a8217ea... by Alexander Wolf

Fix building TCP

7311f85... by Alexander Wolf

Fix leading dot issue