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77d1f1c... by Guillaume Chereau

Continue a bit the trail fader viewport effect

Started by Georg in the previous commit. This can be enabled by setting

    viewport_effect = viewportFaderEffect

in the config file.

This effect simply applies a mix of the current frame with the one
before. Need to see if there is a way to improve the effect somehow.

cda1261... by gzotti

Maybe proceed with a ViewportEffect?

545134f... by gzotti

Attempt creating a star trail effect.
Currently this leads to a white-out within seconds.
We would need an fps-dependent frame decay.

a9dec52... by Alexander Wolf

Toggle to development edition...

f2925f7... by Alexander Wolf

[GHA] Split action for prepare an AppImage

975f751... by Alexander Wolf

Stupid fixes

2bf8c7f... by Alexander Wolf

Release version 0.21.2

14863ba... by Alexander Wolf

The AstroCalc/Graphs/Graph tool now can work on Earth only (fix #1925)

56f0ea3... by Alexander Wolf

Fixed distanes for PGC galaxies (fix #1922)

91df8f0... by gzotti

Fix for max elevations