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18. By Elliot Murphy on 2008-09-06

baby steps

17. By Elliot Murphy on 2008-09-05


16. By <email address hidden> on 2008-09-04

Added support for running tests on the ARM simulator.

Fixed bug in the 'in' operator where negative indices were not treated correctly.

Fixed build issues on gcc-4.3.1.

Changed Date.prototype.toLocaleTimeString to not print the timezone part of the time.

Renamed debug.h to v8-debug.h to reduce the risk of name conflicts with user code.

15. By v8.team.kasperl on 2008-09-02

Renamed the top level directory 'public' to 'include'.

Added option 'env' to the SCons build scripts to support overriding the ENV part of the build environment. This is mostly to support Windows builds in cases where SCons cannot find the correct paths to the Windows SDK, as these paths cannot be passed through shell environment variables.

Enabled "Buffer Security Check" on for the Windows SCons build and added the linker option /OPT:ICF as an optimization.

Added the V8 benchmark suite to the repository.

14. By <email address hidden> on 2008-09-01

Reverted unsafe change to code generator.

13. By <email address hidden> on 2008-09-01

Included mjsunit JavaScript test suite and C++ unit tests.

Changed the shell sample to not print the result of executing a script provided on the command line.

Fixed issue when building samples on Windows using a shared V8 library. Added visibility option on Linux build which makes the generated library 18% smaller.

Changed build system to accept multiple build modes in one build and generate separate objects, libraries and executables for each mode.

Removed deferred negation optimization (a * -b => -(a * b)) since this visibly changes operand conversion order.

Improved parsing performance by introducing stack guard in preparsing. Without a stack guard preparsing always bails out with stack overflow.

Changed shell sample to take flags directly from the command-line. Added API call that implements this.

Added load, quit and version functions to the shell sample so it's easier to run benchmarks and tests.

Fixed issue with building samples and cctests on 64-bit machines.

Fixed bug in the runtime system where the prototype chain was not always searched for a setter when setting a property that does not exist locally.

12. By mads.s.ager on 2008-08-14

Improved performance of garbage collection by moving the function that updates pointers during compacting collection into the updating visitor. This gives the compiler a better chance to inline and avoid a function call per (potential) pointer.

Extended the shell sample with a --runtime-flags option.

Added Visual Studio project files for the shell.cc and process.cc samples.

11. By mads.s.ager on 2008-08-13

Improved performance of garbage collection by changing the way we use the marking stack in the event of stack overflow during full garbage collection and by changing the way we mark roots.

Cleaned up ARM version by removing top of stack caching and by introducing push/pop elimination.

Cleaned up the way runtime functions are called to allow runtime calls with no arguments.

Changed Windows build options to make sure that exceptions are disabled and that optimization flags are enabled.

Added first version of Visual Studio project files.

10. By mads.s.ager on 2008-08-11

Accidentally removed svn:eol-style native from all files. Adding it back.

9. By <email address hidden> on 2008-08-06

Improved performance of unary addition by avoiding runtime calls.

Fixed the handling of '>' and '<=' to use right-to-left conversion and left-to-right evaluation as specified by ECMA-262.

Fixed a branch elimination bug on the ARM platform where incorrect code was generated because of overly aggressive branch elimination.

Improved performance of code that repeatedly assigns the same function to the same property of different objects with the same map.

Untangled DEBUG and ENABLE_DISASSEMBLER defines. The disassembler no longer expects DEBUG to be defined.

Added platform-nullos.cc to serve as the basis for new platform implementations.

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