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this adds brief notes from when I packaged the latest release for Ubuntu and the PPA, to make it easier to remember and for someone else to be able to follow along and prepare updated packages.

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Thanks for this!

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5 * Upload the new release to launchpad with a command like:
6 lp-upload-project magicicada 0.2 magicicada-0.2.tar.gz
7 * Announce the release, ping someone to build updated packages for the PPA and Ubuntu.
9+HOWTO prepare an updated Ubuntu package:
11+ * bzr get lp:ubuntu/magicicada
12+ * cd magicicada
13+ * uscan --verbose --rename (this gets the new upstream release from launchpad)
14+ * bzr merge-package ../magicicada_0.1.2.orig.tar.gz --version=0.1.2
15+ * vim debian/changelog, check version, distro, and changes are correct.
16+ * you will need to build versions for lucid (for the PPA) and for the current dev release of Ubuntu. For example, if you are working on updating to release 0.1.2 of magicicada, and you want to build a package for lucid in the chicharreros PPA, the version number would be magicicada-0.1.2-0ubuntu1~lucid1. Then for the maverick version in the PPA, the version number would be magicicada-0.1.2-0ubuntu1~maverick1. And, for the version you upload to ubuntu universe, the version number would be magicicada-0.1.2-0ubuntu1.
17+ * To upload to the chicharreros PPA: do dput ppa:chicharreros/ppa <source.changes>
18+ * To get an upload into Ubuntu, prepare the source package and ask for a sponsor.


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