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Proposed by Elliot Murphy
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Here, have some notes.

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Rick McBride (rmcbride) wrote :

Yo dawg. I heard you like notes, so I read the notes in the notes so you can release your release.

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4@@ -5,3 +5,15 @@
6 * rework configglue to read the configuration more like optparse, with
7 a --dump option to produce the ini-style config file
9+HOWTO do a release:
11+ * edit and set the correct version number
12+ * verify that sdist generates a tarball and you are completely confident
13+ that all the contents of the tarball are correct (any new files are there, etc.)
14+ * run python sdist register upload, you will be prompted to login to pypi
15+ and the new release is registered and uploaded.
16+ * To also upload to launchpad:
17+ - manage-credentials create -c ubuntu-dev-tools -l 2 (only if you don't have this already)
18+ - lp-project-upload configglue 0.9pre1 configglue-0.9pre1.tar.gz (substituting correct versions)
19+ * Prepare a new ubuntu package from the tarball.


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