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2758acf... by jean-pierre charras

Fix compatibility with some old V4 schematic files.
From master branch, commit #bfe59581

54c3031... by jean-pierre charras

Zone fill: When using the fillet outline option, in some cases the shape is strange.
Due to some bug in Fillet() incorrect zone outline happens in (rare) polygon shapes.
So clip it with the initial polygon (aSmoothedPoly must be contained in m_Poly)
Fixes #9692

9a9c785... by Christoph Mönch-Tegeder

Adapt OCE 3D plugin to OpenCascade 7.6.0 (for KiCad 5.1)

In line with
the Poly_Triangulation does not provide direct access to the internal
arrays anymore - use the accessor functions instead.
To keep changes minimal, switch only builds with a new (7.6+)
OpenCascade to the new API and keep everything else the same.

Related: !1013

401b2fb... by Wayne Stambaugh

Fix broken search stack behavior.

The overload of wxFilePath::FindValidPath() broke the normal behavior
when the file searched for existed in the current working directory.
This was causing the initial library table file to be copied from the
current working directory instead of from the list of search paths.


(cherry picked from commit f4b97eca6393b83425c0cb296bbaa9961bb18dc0)

0a0a2da... by Wayne Stambaugh

Begin version 5.1.13 development.

e4df76d... by Wayne Stambaugh

Tag release version 5.1.12.

79028f1... by jean-pierre charras

Handle mandatory fields name translated and not translated in SCH_COMPONENT::GetFieldText.
Fixes #9520

d87e5cb... by jean-pierre charras

Revert "Revert "Apply WX_LOCALE change from master branch.""
This reverts commit 3484334d154a3309972445019fd353e5ca2f4407.

3484334... by Seth Hillbrand

Revert "Apply WX_LOCALE change from master branch."

This reverts commit 8e9e1a618bd1b31e2206fcfe2a4757b3dc85e620.

9ab6571... by Wayne Stambaugh

Begin version 5.1.12 development.