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New for 0.4.0
* icecast directory ( http://dir.xiph.org ) integrated
* genrelists are also updated during refreshs
* current selected station/genre preserved during refreshs
* external player support (winamp, amarok tested)
* relayed playback for currently ripped streams
* currently ripped and played stations highlighted by icons in first column (instead of graying out)
* station tables reworked on all views (more columns, sorting, ..)
* popup menu for stations added
* stream urls may be copied to clipboard (available from popup menu)
* tooltips for stations (showing full title, station name, etc. if necessary)
* default double click action is "Play"
* enabled usage of compression for http responses (faster downloads for shoutcast and icecast)
* trayicon support (Streamtastic minimizes to tray now, tested on win32, linux/kde)
* bitrate selector updates available bitates automaticly (instead of fixed standard set)
* Look and Feel is selectable (substance now optional)
* some changes to the GUI (removed status label, layout, ..)
* reworked About Dialog (layout, added link to project page)

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Recent revisions

80. By Joachim Lippold

pulled in last release from 0.4 series branch

79. By Joachim Lippold

added warning dialog when streamtastic is closed with running recordings, fixed config for default look and feel, increased space for table celleditors, fixed mousewheel scrolling on Preferencesview

There is a warning dialog shown when Streamtastic is closed and there are still some rips running. This prevents users from accidentally killing rips, when hitting the "Close" button.
The default substance skin was not set correctly anymore.This was fixed, the default skin was changed to Nebula.
Table celleditors get a little bit more space on advanced preferences tab. Furthermore the unit increment was increased to allow better wheelmouse scrolling on Preferencesview.

-- Config.java modified
- fixed mapping of the SUBSTANCE value to the nebula skin class

-- ShoutcastFeed.java modified
- changed base url

-- AdvancedPreferencesModel.java modified
- increased adjustment of row height for table celleditors

-- StreamRipperOptionModel.java modified
- set unit increment for vertical scrollbar

-- StreamRipperOptionModel.java modified
- set unit increment for vertical scrollbar

-- PreferencesView.java modified
- increased default row height for advanced tab

-- StreamtasticFrame.java and StreamtasticFrame.form modified
- set default closing operation to DO_NOTHING_ON_CLOSE
- added warning dialog for running rips when application is about to close

-- streamtastic.properties, streamtastic_de.properties, streamtastic.pot, de.po
- added keys for the new warning dialog

78. By Joachim Lippold

small fix for minor issue with busy pane on directory views, removed no longer needed manifest.mf and master.jnlp file

When a genre was selected and a search was triggered afterwards the busy pane did not display properly. This was fixed.
No longer used files manifest.mf and master.jnlp were removed. The manifest is now created by the build file. Java webstart is not used anymore.

77. By Joachim Lippold

Fix for Bug #695711

Shoutcast directory is no longer working from www.schoutcast.com but is still accessible from de.shoutcast.com. The URL was modified accordingly.

76. By Joachim Lippold

switched to recent version of SwingX and a patched version of Substance, added copyright info for third party libs, added build file for patched substance version, added tooltips for hyperlinks on copyright tab (AboutFrame)

Third party libs have been updated. SwingX pushed to version 1.6.2, Substance switched to a custom patched build of version 6.1. The substance.jar is removed from the bzr tree. There is now a build file included, that builds the patched version instead. Substance 6.1 had to be modified, because since 5.3 CellRenderer checks were added, which allowed customized CellRenderers only, if they extended Substance renderers. This would introduce compile time dependencies on substance, that are not acceptable for a Look And Feel. The patch does nothing more than simply deactivating the CellRenderer checks.
The AboutFrame now displays copyright info for all Third party libs (Substance, Trident, SwingX). Hyperlinks on the copyright tab got tooltips showing the target URL.

75. By Joachim Lippold

added parsing of numbers to JSON Stream Parser, modified ShoutcastFeed accordingly

The JSON Stream Parser has got support for number parsing. JSONHandler.numberValue() returns an instance of Number instead of String. The ShoutcastFeed was adapted accordingly.

74. By Joachim Lippold

updated and added comments to translation templates, some changes to AboutFrame, small fix for ShoutcastFeed, fixed error dialog if ripping failed

The keys for translations have been revised. Keys which are no longer used where deleted, furthermore every key now provides a comment which tells about the place where it is used and some info about the context. That should help translators who are using the launchpad web interface. This commit finishes the "Usage of launchpad translations for Streamtastic" (https://blueprints.launchpad.net/streamtastic/+spec/use-launchpad-for-translations).
The AboutFrame has got a new structure. There is one general page and one dedicated to copyright issues. There still have to be provided license information of distributed third party libs (like substance and swingx).
The ShoutcastFeed is no longer as reliable as before. There is often a 503 (Server busy) response. In that case an empty result was cached and returned the next time. This was fixed.
Finally the error dialog for failed rips was reenabled. Streamripper errors are reported on System.err. This issue was not taken care when the status info output moved from System.err to System.out.

-- streamtastic.pot, de.po modified
- regenerated files from the .properties files

-- ShoutcastFeed.java modified
- added a cache flush in case that the stations list could not be retrieved

-- StreamRipper.java modified
- streamripper error description is now read from System.err

-- RippingManager modified
- error dialog is now created from the event dispatching thread
- error message modified

-- AboutFrame.java, AboutFrame.form modified
- restructured, one general page and one dedicated to copyright issues

-- streamtastic.properties, streamtastic_de.properties modified
- removed unused keys and added comments

73. By Joachim Lippold

Fix for Bug #695711

Switched to an alternative way for accessing the Shoutcast station directory.

-- JSONHandler.java added
- handler for for the JSON Stream Parser, that is notified about parsing events

-- JSONParser.java added
- implementation of a JSON Stream Parser

-- JSONParserException.java added
- exception that is thrown by the JSON Stream Parser in case of trouble

-- ShoutcastFeed.java modified
- switched to new API URL
- the new data format is JSON (http://json.org), so the xml parsing was replaced by JSON parsing
- bitrate filtering is now done locally
- genre list is retrieved from local file

-- StreamRipper.java modified
- added "MP3" to the mimetype to file extension map

-- genres.txt added
- genre list is no longer available through the new way for accessing the station directory
- but this is no problem because Shoutcast limited the genre list to a fixed set of values anyway

72. By mikeL

adds files needed for packaging, provides new ant build file

added debian packaging, new build file and removed some out of use netbeans and webstart stuff. the basic packaging was generated with the javahelper packaging tool. for more information please consult the "debian-package" blueprint of this project

-- replaced build.xml
- new ant build file was needed to ease packaging process
- build file provides following targets:
- clean, clean-build, compile, jar, main, run, tar.gz
- the target main cleans, builds and runs the project the others are self-explanatory.
- use ant -projecthelp for a brief description of the targets

--added package.properties
- provides package release specific build options
- e.g. not to create a lib directory and to use different classpath

--added debian folder
- contains files needed for debian packaging
- for further information about the files in this folder please consult the debian new maintainers guide under www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/ch-dreq.en.html and www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/ch-dother.en.html

-- added copyright file
- this copyright file was provided for the first ppa release . it's not completed and cannot be used for a release that includes substance.

-- added rules file
- this file was generated using javahelper
- edited override for dh_autobuild to provide some build parameters (-propertyfile package.properties clean-build)
- added override for dh_installchangelogs to make sure "debian/CHANGES" is added properly to package

-- added streamtastic.1
- debian manual file for streamtastic

-- renamed libs directory to lib
- this was done to remove disparities between build and release scheme

71. By Joachim Lippold

Fix for Bug #627374, small fix for PLAYER_OPTS handling on Streamtastic tab

Changes to parameter PLAYER_OPTS on preferences view were not reflected immediately (restart or change to parameter PLAYER_OPTS necessary). This was fixed. The PropertyChangeListener now reacts to changes of PLAYER_CMD and PLAYER_OPTS properly.
Furthermore deactivation of PLAYER_OPTS customization (deselecting the checkbox) did not work. This was also fixed.

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