Last commit made on 2022-05-20
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10d1bde... by Magik Eh

Add whazzat URL to linter error codes.

d9737db... by Magik Eh

Lint /sarracenia/config.py

02d067a... by Magik Eh

Allow linter to pass cli args

4251e31... by Magik Eh

Move from pyCodeStyle to flake8

pyCodeStyle dev says for a more feature rich linting experience to use
flake8 as a wrapper around pyCodeStyle. Updated the setup.cfg and linter
script to use it instead.

This essentially means we can now make use of the # NoQA string
(No Quality Assurance forces the linter to not report on certain errors)

caa193b... by Magik Eh

Lint docs/source/conf.py

1cc946b... by Magik Eh

Merge branch 'v03_wip' into v03_wip_issue82_linter

bab520f... by Magik Eh

Fix linter.py suuccess return code

0362371... by Peter Silva

fix broken mirroring link.

6c02010... by Magik Eh

Add importability to linter.py

63330fc... by Peter Silva