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0de3b65... by Greg Linton <email address hidden>

Basis for scaleable cloud/container running

dedb8d2... by Peter Silva

commit for release 3.0.44

e7f7027... by Peter Silva

625 re enable reporting left aside for sr3 (#762)

* more correct python parameter typing in moth classes.

* reports implemented and working again as per #625.

* move timeCompleted within report field. update sr_post.7 man page
to reflect effective report format.

* setting uninitialized lists to None has side effected.

* unit tests have more output when admin.conf is present.

633c181... by Peter Silva

correcting self tests again.

b100804... by Peter Silva

match new PR for python library. https://github.com/eclipse/paho.mqtt.python/pull/753

f56d828... by Peter Silva

update changelog from ReidĀ“s PR.

5b4228c... by Reid Sunderland

Add timeout to basic_publish and improve logging #732 (#761)

good improvement.

a1bf8a3... by Peter Silva

updating changelog.

4f0e929... by Peter Silva

758 adding wiskis query support (#759)

* found missing argument to init in flowcb/scheduled. #758

* bug with scheduled_intervals. #758

* initial working wiski plugin as part of #758

* making scheduling easier for debug/testing.

* porting wiski.py to run on windows also

* so... original token request code does not seem to work, the example
from OPG creates an "Error" token and then uses it without signalling
any error. this was copied... so when it failed, it signalled nothing.

Adding error message for when token request fails.
also the kiwis_pie library wasn't being given the token, to the
authentication failure had no effect... we are effectively only doing
unauthenticated request.

kiwis_pie doesn't support bearer tokens, so forked that preparing a
patch for that, but can't confirm it works until I get a working token.
token submission currently returning an error.

* token authorization fixed. Getting correct tokens now.

* use self.main_url for some calls that had hard-coded URLs before.
unfortunately get_timeseries_list returning empty for now... work in

* ok, now just getting all timeseries per station, then dumping each one.
that gets us some data.

* adding sample config, adding finer-grained honouring of stop requests.

* generate filenames with colons in them without Sundew getting in the

* adding support for features mechanism for wiski.

* a little more intro text.

e644397... by Peter Silva

updating changelog.