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Recent revisions

14182. By Amos Jeffries on 2017-07-01

Fix build on FreeBSD after rev.14180

RefCount<> does not support assignment from nullptr with C++03

14181. By Source Maintenance <email address hidden> on 2017-07-01

SourceFormat Enforcement

14180. By Christos Tsantilas on 2017-07-01

Bug 4464: Reduce "!Comm::MonitorsRead(serverConnection->fd)" assertions.

* Protect Squid Client classes from new requests that compete with
  ongoing pinned connection use and
* resume dealing with new requests when those Client classes are done
  using the pinned connection.

Replaced primary ConnStateData::pinConnection() calls with a pair of
pinBusyConnection() and notePinnedConnectionBecameIdle() calls,
depending on the pinned connection state ("busy" or "idle").

Removed pinConnection() parameters that were not longer used or could be computed from the remaining parameters.

Removed ConnStateData::httpsPeeked() code "hiding" the originating
request and connection peer details while entering the first "idle"
state. The old (trunk r11880.1.6) bump-server-first code used a pair of
NULLs because "Intercepted connections do not have requests at the
connection pinning stage", but that limitation no longer applicable
because Squid always fakes (when intercepting) or parses (a CONNECT)
request now, even during SslBump step1.

The added XXX and TODOs are not directly related to this fix. They
were added to document problems discovered while working on this fix.

In v3.5 code, the same problems manifest as Read.cc
"fd_table[conn->fd].halfClosedReader != NULL" assertions.

This is a Measurement Factory project

14179. By Alex Rousskov on 2017-07-01

Fix mgr query handoff from the original recipient to Coordinator.

This bug has already been fixed once, in trunk r11164.1.61, but that fix
was accidentally undone shortly after, during significant cross-branch
merging activity combined with the Forwarder class split. The final
merge importing the associated code (trunk r11730) was buggy.

The bug (explained in r11164.1.61) leads to a race condition between

* Store notifying Server classes about the entry completion (which might
  trigger a bogus error message sent to the cache manager client while
  Coordinator sends its own valid response on the same connection!) and

* post-cleanup() connection closure handlers of Server classes silently
  closing everything (and leaving Coordinator the only responding
  process on that shared connection).

The bug probably was not noticed for so long because, evidently, the
latter actions tend to win in the current code.

14178. By Alex Rousskov on 2017-07-01

Fix message packing error handling in mgr and snmp SMP Forwarders.

A missing "return" resulted in Forwarders sending garbage (or worse) to

14177. By Amos Jeffries on 2017-07-01

basic_ncsa_auth: fix hash listing wrap in man(8) page

'*' list bullet points must be indented with whitespace.
If they are not the list is treated as a single wrapped paragraph.

14176. By Lubos Uhliarik <email address hidden> on 2017-07-01

Bug 4687: Wrong names of components in man page, section SEE ALSO

14175. By Sven Eisenberg <email address hidden> on 2017-06-29

Bug 4112: ssl_engine does not accept cryptodev

14174. By Amos Jeffries on 2017-06-22

Bug 4671 pt3: various GCC 7 compile errors

Also, remove limit on FTP realm strings

Convert ftpRealm() from generating char* to SBuf. This fixes issues identified
by GCC 7 where the realm string may be longer than the available buffer and
gets truncated.
The size of the buffer was making the occurance rather rare, but it is still

14173. By Alex Rousskov on 2017-06-21

Replace new/delete operators using modern C++ rules.

This change was motivated by "Mismatched free()/delete/delete[]" errors
reported by valgrind and mused about in Squid source code.

I speculate that the old new/delete replacement code was the result of
slow accumulation of working hacks to accomodate various environments,
as compiler support for the feature evolved. The cumulative result does
not actually work well (see the above paragraph), and the replacement
functions had the following visible coding problems according to [1,2]:

a) Declared with non-standard profiles that included throw specifiers.
b) Declared inline. C++ says that the results of inline declarations
   have unspecified effects. In Squid, they probably necessitated
   complex compiler-specific "extern inline" workarounds.
c) Defined in the header file. C++ says that defining replacements "in
   any source file" is enough and that multiple replacements per
   program (which is what a header file definition produces) result in
   "undefined behavior".
d) Declared inconsistently (only 2 out of 4 flavors). Declaring one base
   flavor should be sufficient, but if we declare more, we should
   declare all of them.

[1] http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/memory/new/operator_new
[2] http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/memory/new/operator_delete

The replacements were not provided to clang (trunk r13219), but there
was no explanation why. This patch does not change that exclusion.

I have no idea whether any of the old hacks are still necessary in some
cases. However, I suspect that either we do not care much if the
replacements are not enabled on some poorly supported platforms OR we
can disable them (or make them work) using much simpler hacks for the
platforms we do care about.

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