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Proposed by Cian Wilson
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Merged at revision: 524
Proposed branch: lp:~spud/spud/schemata_env
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Patrick Farrell Approve
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Description of the change

I'd like to be able to control where diamond picks up the schemata file by an environment variable so I can control this using modules.

This merge introduces this feature. The environment variable DIAMOND_CONFIG_PATH allows directories to be specified that contain the schemata directory. They may also contain the plugins directory for consistency.

Manual also updated for schemata.

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Patrick Farrell (pefarrell) wrote :

I think it's a good idea, and I'd like to see it merged, with minor editions.

The current order is ~/.diamond > /etc/diamond > /usr/share/diamond. The order you've implemented here is ~/.diamond > DIAMOND_CONFIG_PATH > /etc/diamond > /usr/share/diamond, but I'd like to see
DIAMOND_CONFIG_PATH > ~/.diamond (as I think setting a session-specific environment variable is usually stronger than setting options in your home directory).

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Cian Wilson (cwilson) wrote :

Sure, I'm just as happy (if not happier - will save me getting rid of my home directory schematas) with that.

Should be committed now.

Cheers for the fast review!

lp:~spud/spud/schemata_env updated
525. By Cian Wilson

Updating order in which schemata directories are searched. Also updating error messages and usage information as well as the manual.

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Patrick Farrell (pefarrell) wrote :

+if "DIAMOND_CONFIG_PATH" in os.environ:
+ dirs += os.environ["DIAMOND_CONFIG_PATH"].split(":")

Just a thought: should you reverse the .split(:)? People will assume that a PATH variable will be searched going from start to end, but at the moment it's the other way around.

Otherwise, good to go.

review: Approve
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Cian Wilson (cwilson) wrote :

Agreed. Hadn't really thought seriously about the possibility someone might have multiple directories specified in that variable. Was just covering the possibility with the split.


lp:~spud/spud/schemata_env updated
526. By Cian Wilson

Reverse the order of any directories listed in DIAMOND_CONFIG_PATH.

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