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Cian Wilson (cwilson) wrote :

> cd branch
> ./configure
> python diamond/bin/diamond [args]

I get the same error (terminal output and all) running the command this way:

cwilson@uisce:copy-paste-fix$ python diamond/bin/diamond -s ~/temp/schema/dummy.rng ~/temp/schema/dummy.dml

Just to confirm it's the branch I'm running:
cwilson@uisce:copy-paste-fix$ bzr info
Repository tree (format: 2a)
  shared repository: /home/cwilson/spud/bzr-repo
  repository branch: .

Related branches:
  parent branch: bzr+ssh://

> <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
> <dummy_options>
> <system name="Dummy">
> <nonlinear_solver name="Simple">
> <type name="SNES">
> <python name="Jacobian" rank="1">
> <string_value lines="20" type="python">some python code
> here</string_value>
> </python>
> </type>
> </nonlinear_solver>
> <nonlinear_solver>
> <type name="SNES">
> <python name="Jacobian" rank="1">
> <string_value type="python" lines="20"/>
> </python>
> </type>
> </nonlinear_solver>
> </system>
> </dummy_options>
> Note that the second nonlinear solver has a) lost its name, and b) lost its
> python code. It *looks* fine in the live diamond window, but if you save it it
> gets lost. (If you open it up again, you'll get all sorts of lost element
> errors.)

With the exception of looking fine in the diamond window before I close it (i.e. it doesn't look like it's copied to me and diamond shows elements as blue still) that sounds like the same behaviour I see on reopening the file.

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