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1495. By Stephan Peijnik on 2009-07-31

 - Fixed problem in fetch aborting: fetch finished was still reported.
 - Fixed problem in fetch aborting: item updates were still reported.
 - Fixed problem in download item updates: list item updates were reported.

 - Changed download rate and time remaining representation.
 - Made sure that the progress bar is reset before starting to pulsate.
 - Removed ugly hack ignoring URIs with whitespace, this was due to a bug
   in the PythonApt backend.
 - Added descriptive text in INSTALL_FINISHED mode.

 - Added store_get_update_count method.

1494. By Stephan Peijnik on 2009-07-30

  - UI polishing.

1493. By Stephan Peijnik on 2009-07-30

 - Remove too verbose debug output for adding packages to the store.

1492. By Stephan Peijnik on 2009-07-30

 - locking fixes
 - _available_updates is not a list anymore, so set it to None if unused
 - commit_handler -> commit_progress_handler

 - vte.Terminal.reset expects two parameters, so let's pass them
 - Application.cache_reload may return True, which means glib would call
   this method again (due to the way gobject.idle_add works). Using helper
   function now.

 - set_package_selection now handles circular dependencies correctly.
 - set_package_selection was fixed to set strict dependencies correctly.
 - Reset the label_main_details widget's markup when gathering information.

1491. By Stephan Peijnik on 2009-07-30

Minor locking logic update to PythonApt backend.

1490. By Stephan Peijnik on 2009-07-29

Updated documentation to reflect recent changes.
Updated sphinx configuration to include bzr revision in output.

1489. By Stephan Peijnik on 2009-07-29

GtkProgress: Marked some methods as protected/private by prefixing their names with underscores.
GtkProgress: Now also showing download rate in download dialouges.
GtkProgress: Make use of humanize_seconds, update import statement for humanize_size
Gtk ui: update import statement for humanize_size
Gtk utils: moved humanize size to Util.humanize
Util humanize: Added humanize_size and humanize_seconds
Tests: Updated accordingly, added humanize_seconds testcases

1488. By Stephan Peijnik on 2009-07-29

Minor documentation update.

1487. By Stephan Peijnik on 2009-07-29

Import bug in opts.py.

1486. By Stephan Peijnik on 2009-07-29

Documentation update.

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