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58. By Soren Hansen on 2009-07-21

Fix a few merge artifacts.

57. By Soren Hansen on 2009-07-10

Merge with trunk.

56. By soren on 2009-05-22

Merge with lp:elasticfox

55. By Soren Hansen on 2009-05-15

Merge with lp:elasticfox

54. By Soren Hansen on 2009-04-30

Tweak Elasticfox to function correctly with Eucalyptus 1.5

53. By jhatax on 2009-04-23

This is primarily a bugfix checkin.

1. Spaces in the PEM filepath caused SSH to break on Windows
2. Special characters in tags caused JSON encoding to fail

Notable Features Added:
- Tags are now stored for AKIs and ARIs as well
- The AMI, AKI and ARI views have been integrated
- Tags are displayed when associating 2 resources, for example:
  - Instance Tags are displayed when a specific instance needs to
    be associated with an EIP or an EBS volume
  - Similarly, EIP and EBS volume tags are displayed when they
    need to be attached to an instance
- Instance tags can be specified in the Launch New Instances dialog
- A tag can be specified for a Volume at creation time
- Most dialogs, in particular the AMI Migration dialog, are now non-Modal
- A new snapshot created from a Volume inherits the Volume's tag
- The AKI and ARI associated with an AMI are now displayed when viewing
  AMI details.
- EBS volumes and the Elastic IP associated with an instance are displayed
  when viewing an Instance's details

M ec2ui/dialog_bundle_instance.xul
D ec2ui/ramdisksview.js
M ec2ui/eipdetaildialog.js
M ec2ui/newattachmentdialog.js
M ec2ui/controller.js
M ec2ui/volumesview.js
D ec2ui/kernelsview.js
M ec2ui/utils.js
M ec2ui/attachebsvolumedialog.js
M ec2ui/eipview.js
M ec2ui/bundletasksview.js
M ec2ui/client.js
M ec2ui/instancesview.js
M ec2ui/baseimagesview.js
M ec2ui/preferences.js
M ec2ui/newinstancesdialog.js
M ec2ui/dialog_ami_details.xul
M ec2ui/dialog_eip_details.xul
M ec2ui/selecteipdialog.js
M ec2ui/keypairview.js
M ec2ui/snapshotdetaildialog.js
M ec2ui/securitygroupsview.js
M ec2ui/instancedetaildialog.js
M ec2ui/amidetaildialog.js
M ec2ui/volumedetaildialog.js
M ec2ui/dialog_new_instances.xul
M ec2ui/session.js
M ec2ui/dialog_manage_tools.xul
M ec2ui/amisview.js
M ec2ui/dialog_instance_details.xul
M ec2ui/images_tab_overlay.xul
M ec2ui/dialog_migrate_ami.xul
M ec2ui/ec2ui_main_window.xul
M ec2ui/model.js

52. By jhatax on 2009-03-21

This update to Elasticfox contains the following changes:

1. Tagging for AMIs and Elastic IPs
2. Fix for Register Image from the Images tab
3. Snapshot inherits tag of Volume it was created from
4. An instance in the EU can be bundled into a bucket and registered in the US and vice-versa
5. Better checks when specifying a bucket for bundling or manifest path for registering
6. An EBS volume cannot be attached to a Windows instance that is not "Ready to Use"
7. Elasticfox now supports Firefox Versions 2.0 through 3.5.*
8. The AMI Migration dialog is non-modal so that the user can continue using Elasticfox
while the migration occurs in the background

Please report any issues via sourceforge or the AWS page for Elasticfox.

M src/install.rdf
M src/ec2ui.rdf
M src/install.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/eipdetaildialog.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/newattachmentdialog.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/controller.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/volumesview.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/utils.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/eipview.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/bundletasksview.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/client.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/instancesview.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/baseimagesview.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/dialog_new_volume.xul
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/eip_tab_overlay.xul
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/preferences.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/newimagedialog.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/dialog_ami_details.xul
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/dialog_eip_details.xul
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/newvolumedialog.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/amidetaildialog.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/volumedetaildialog.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/bundleInstanceDialog.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/session.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/amisview.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/model.js

51. By jhatax on 2009-03-10

Fix issues with Registering a new image.

M ec2ui/controller.js
M ec2ui/bundletasksview.js
M ec2ui/dialog_register_image.xul
M ec2ui/amisview.js

50. By jhatax on 2009-03-10

Bug fixes:
1. All the instance's groups are checked before prompting the user to open
either the SSH or RDP port prior to connecting to an instance
2. ICMP parameters are now correctly specified when authorizing ICMP rules
3. Added tagging for AMIs
4. Tags can be added via a toolbar "edit" button that looks like an 'i'
5. Instance Info is always populated with the AMI Manifest location (for you
Manish). This required adding a new API to the controller - describeImage
6. The AMI.id->AMI.location map is now correctly resurrected every time a call
is made to DescribeImages

M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/instances_tab_overlay.xul
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/snapshotsview.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/controller.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/volumesview.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/client.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/instancesview.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/baseimagesview.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/preferences.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/volumes_tab_overlay.xul
AM src/chrome/content/ec2ui/images/info.png
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/newpermissionauthorizer.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/session.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/amisview.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/images_tab_overlay.xul
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/model.js

49. By jhatax on 2009-03-05

In this release:
- Added support for Windows AMI Migration between regions
- Improved the tags infrastructure to correctly handle users and regions
- Fixed the attach volumes UX to display "windows_device" as appropriate
- Added a new preference that specifies the number of concurrent connections
to use when migrating files between regions
- Bumped up the max supported Firefox version to 3.2.*
- Miscellaneous UX cleanup

M src/ec2ui.rdf
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/controller.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/client.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/preferences.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/dialog_new_attachment.xul
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/dialog_copy_S3_keys.xul
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/dialog_attach_ebs_volume.xul
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/copyS3dialog.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/session.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/amisview.js
M src/chrome/content/ec2ui/images_tab_overlay.xul

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