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Alexander Belchenko (bialix) wrote :

INADA Naoki пишет:
> But I think message categories that is most important to users is:
> * help topics
> * command help
> * Error messages giving a important hint to user. (ex. NotWorkingTree)
> About help topics, I'll implement scanning of it to
> But we need to decide how handle text files under bzrlib/help_topics/en/.

I think the initial idea was to put translations into corresponding text
files under bzrlib/help_topics/$LANG_CODE/

Is it not what you expect? What's you intent here? Extract and convert
these files into PO files? I suppose big and long help topics should be
translated not paragraph by paragraph, but as the whole text. Therefore
I'd prefer to extract all other help topics from python modules and put
them into plain text files. That won't work very good with Launchpad,
but this is another problem.

I think we should discuss this more broadly in bzr ML, because in the
past some people have concerns about txt files vs py files. IIRC Aaron
didn't like the fact we're using txt files.

But! In my opinion such text files is much better for translators.

PO files are good only for relatively short strings. They're very bad re

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