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Vincent Ladeuil (vila) wrote :

> It is far from *all* because there are no N_() and gettext() now.
> I can't imagine how far.

Fair enough.

> But I think message categories that is most important to users is:
> * help topics
> * command help
> * Error messages giving a important hint to user. (ex. NotWorkingTree)

Right, so I think a better approach would be to indeed focus on
these ones and neglect (to begin with) the other strings. This
will also reduce the amount of needed translations while we
bootstrap the whole process.

Defining a *bzr* command to do that (may be hidden as this is not
targeted at regular bzr users) will make things simpler.

> About help topics, I'll implement scanning of it to
> But we need to decide how handle text files under bzrlib/help_topics/en/. is probably the way to go then since it already
provides the registry for that and several other utilities who
already extract the relevant texts (and may in fact be the site
where the localization should occur).

> About command help, I don't know how to prepare command registry that
> includes all bundled plugins but does not include 3rd party plugins.

Good point. But again, defining a proper bzr command will mean we
can use BZR_PLUGIN_PATH and friends to control which plugins are
loaded/seen by bzrlib. If you want to focus on bzr and its
bundled plugins, using 'BZR_PLUGINS_PATH=-site' will do just

> About error messages, looking on bzrlib.errors is enough.

I think so too, filtering the bzrlib.errors module for classes
inheriting from BzrError should do.

This would miss some errors defined locally in some modules but
we could ignore them to start with and file bugs for them later.

Finally, an important point is the order of the strings in the
generated file.

Relying on 'find' means that different users running the script
are likely to get different file orders (hence vastly different
file content IIUC), whereas relying on internal registries means
that we can force the lexicographical order on command names or
help topics to ensure a consistent order.

This will also means that we can rely on the existing tests for
coverage and focus on tests specific to the problem we're
addressing here (string order or avoiding duplicate strings (if
that matters, I don't know) for example).

231 + with bzrlib.initialize():

2.6 specific you evil :)

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