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INADA Naoki (songofacandy) wrote :

> > Fixed.
> >
> > I've found some modules raises error on importing because of lacking some
> > modules.
> Can you elaborate on that ?

Before ignoreing "bzrlib/doc", there are four import errors.
Can't import 'bzrlib/doc_generate/builders/': No module named sphinx
Can't import 'bzrlib/doc_generate/writers/': No module named docutils
Can't import 'bzrlib/util/': name 'windll' is not defined
Can't import 'bzrlib/transport/ftp/': Unable to import library "kerberos": No module named kerberos

I think bzrlib/doc and bzrlib/doc_generate should be excluded so I added filter to Makefile.
Both of bzrlib.util.simplemapi and bzrlib.transport.ftp._gssapi doesn't provide
any commands.

> > Modules providing commands should be able to import while exporting command
> > helps.
> > Otherwise, help messages of the commands are not translated.
> Right, this could be addressed by using the command registry probably.

Okey, I'll try command registry based approach.

> > I don't think this is a big problem because updating pot is as special as
> > making
> > package. Only few developers and buildbots do this task.
> > Is this an acceptable limitation?
> Yes and no, it depends ;)
> More importantly, I think we need... tests ;)
> Especially for the case you're encountering right now but more
> generally so we can clearly define which texts should be
> translated and ensure that a test will fail if whatever code
> modification happens to escape the collection stage.

How can I write tests for tools like bzrgettext?

One idea I have is making "xx" language. This language is translated
automatically from pot. For example, "Display status" translated to
"xx{{Display status}}".
With this language, test of command can be ensure that messages that
should be translated is really exported and translated.

> 22 + xgettext --package-name "Bazaar" \
> Really ? Is it just some internal id or can it be referenced by
> say, launchpad ? If the later is true, we probably want bzr no ?

I don't know that this name affects anyware.
Should I try to make test project for it and play with Rosetta?
Or can someone in bzr-core team help me by making test branch including
po/bzr.pot generated by my branch?

BTW, there are no reason to rename it to 'bzr'. I'll do it.

> 134 +def importpath(path):
> I think we have some better implementation for that in pyutils
> (get_name_object ?), this may also be related to the import
> errors you're encountering.
> I don't want to sound NIH-ish here, but... it seems to me we'll
> do a better job (in terms of coverage and precision) by using
> bzrlib and all its facilities no ?
> Getting all commands, their help and all exceptions while
> excluding tests for example sounds like an uphill battle to fight
> with find and grep...

As I said above, I'll try command registry based approach.
With this approach, there are no need to manualy importing like

> Do you get a feeling about how close you're coming to get *all*
> the needed strings and can you categorize them (my intuition
> being that there are ways to get them all reliably and precisely
> by leveraging some existing APIs... and if we can do that,
> designing for tests for them should be straightforward).

It is far from *all* because there are no N_() and gettext() now.
I can't imagine how far.

But I think message categories that is most important to users is:
* help topics
* command help
* Error messages giving a important hint to user. (ex. NotWorkingTree)

About help topics, I'll implement scanning of it to
But we need to decide how handle text files under bzrlib/help_topics/en/.

About command help, I don't know how to prepare command registry that
includes all bundled plugins but does not include 3rd party plugins.

About error messages, looking on bzrlib.errors is enough.

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