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Vincent Ladeuil (vila) wrote :

> Fixed.
> I've found some modules raises error on importing because of lacking some
> modules.

Can you elaborate on that ?

> Modules providing commands should be able to import while exporting command
> helps.
> Otherwise, help messages of the commands are not translated.

Right, this could be addressed by using the command registry probably.

> I don't think this is a big problem because updating pot is as special as
> making
> package. Only few developers and buildbots do this task.
> Is this an acceptable limitation?

Yes and no, it depends ;)

More importantly, I think we need... tests ;)

Especially for the case you're encountering right now but more
generally so we can clearly define which texts should be
translated and ensure that a test will fail if whatever code
modification happens to escape the collection stage.

22 + xgettext --package-name "Bazaar" \

Really ? Is it just some internal id or can it be referenced by
say, launchpad ? If the later is true, we probably want bzr no ?

134 +def importpath(path):

I think we have some better implementation for that in pyutils
(get_name_object ?), this may also be related to the import
errors you're encountering.

I don't want to sound NIH-ish here, but... it seems to me we'll
do a better job (in terms of coverage and precision) by using
bzrlib and all its facilities no ?

Getting all commands, their help and all exceptions while
excluding tests for example sounds like an uphill battle to fight
with find and grep...

Do you get a feeling about how close you're coming to get *all*
the needed strings and can you categorize them (my intuition
being that there are ways to get them all reliably and precisely
by leveraging some existing APIs... and if we can do that,
designing for tests for them should be straightforward).

review: Needs Information

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