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917b7ac... by Simon Fels on 2017-09-15

Limit us to amd64 builds for now

05376cd... by Simon Fels on 2017-09-15

Merge branch 'f/correct-jlp-arrray-param' into feature/workaround-old-jenkins

9de7d72... by Simon Fels on 2017-09-15

jobs/infrastructure: put template var into same line to prevent invalid yaml

We ended up with

 jobs_blacklisted_from_messages: ""

with the current configuration but the variable needs to be an array.
The previous template didn't allow us to pass an empty array but with
keeping everything on the same line we can now set the variable to []
and generate a valid yaml file.

1a70219... by System Enablement CI Bot <email address hidden> on 2017-09-15

Merge remote tracking branch f/fix-python-syntax

Merge-Proposal: https://code.launchpad.net/~morphis/snappy-hwe-snaps/+git/jenkins-jobs/+merge/330760

Author: Simon Fels <email address hidden>

Fix wrong python syntax

585e4a2... by Simon Fels on 2017-09-14

tools: use elif instead of else if

6070203... by Simon Fels on 2017-09-14

snap: check for metadata.yaml file before invoking documentation-builder

This detect trees we can't build properly.

0ff89bf... by Konrad Zapałowicz on 2017-09-14

Workaround not possible to pass build params to jobs

This commit makes it possible to pass build parameters to sub-projects
on older Jenkins (v2.43). It changes the multi-config project type.

89b225e... by Konrad Zapałowicz on 2017-09-14

Merge remote-tracking branch 'morphis/f/correct-params-for-docs-job'

d53e895... by Simon Fels on 2017-09-14

snap: use correct parameter name to access source git repository

fa63742... by Simon Fels on 2017-09-14

infrastructure: keep a copy of the repo utility we can rely on