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cee8617... by System Enablement CI Bot <email address hidden> on 2018-01-15

Merge remote tracking branch other/ci_friendly

a6452b8... by Gary.Wang on 2018-01-15

Merge git+ssh://git.launchpad.net/~snappy-hwe-team/snappy-hwe-snaps/+git/ubuntu-custom-image into ci_friendly

f00bee3... by System Enablement CI Bot <email address hidden> on 2018-01-10

Merge remote tracking branch 100_code_coverage

Merge-Proposal: https://code.launchpad.net/~gary-wzl77/snappy-hwe-snaps/+git/ubuntu-custom-image/+merge/334499

Author: Gary.Wang <email address hidden>

Achieve eventual 100% code coverage on xenial and zesty

Add more unit tests and some bunch of minor changes code conventions.

On Xenial(16.04)
On Zesty(17.04)

32ae961... by Gary.Wang on 2018-01-05

Address the review comments and revert the spec folder name.

55ae35e... by Gary.Wang on 2017-12-15

Merge git+ssh://git.launchpad.net//~snappy-hwe-team/snappy-hwe-snaps/+git/ubuntu-custom-image into 100_code_coverage

f6afad0... by System Enablement CI Bot <email address hidden> on 2017-12-14

Merge remote tracking branch code_coverage_custom_builder

Merge-Proposal: https://code.launchpad.net/~gary-wzl77/snappy-hwe-snaps/+git/ubuntu-custom-image/+merge/334013

Author: Gary.Wang <email address hidden>

[WIP]Add unit tests for exception handling in custom builder.

This branch also makes a small refactoring on all mockers we're using to mock out
subprocess_run in some cases.

d560bc6... by Gary.Wang on 2017-12-14

Address the review comments.

77675c6... by Gary.Wang on 2017-12-11

Fix flake8 error and failure test cases.

d66e64a... by Gary.Wang on 2017-12-11

Merge git+ssh://git.launchpad.net//~snappy-hwe-team/snappy-hwe-snaps/+git/ubuntu-custom-image into code_coverage_custom_builder

fec9150... by System Enablement CI Bot <email address hidden> on 2017-12-11

Merge remote tracking branch test_tooling

Merge-Proposal: https://code.launchpad.net/~gary-wzl77/snappy-hwe-snaps/+git/ubuntu-custom-image/+merge/334810

Author: Gary.Wang <email address hidden>

Install all test tools from run-tests.sh to make it easy to integrate into CI.

We install all test tools from run-tests script in a clean docker
instance so that we keep a minimum docker image size(snap-spread-tests).
Also, on docker instance, there's no symlink(/etc/resolv.conf)
pointing to /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf file which make all apt related
command failed due to the DNS issue. We create a symlink under
/run/resolvconf/ to point to actual /etc/resolv.conf file in this case.