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2219c3a... by Sergio Schvezov on 2020-02-26

data/systemd: improve the description

While the code may have references to "snappy" we have long ago
not exposed that name. Fix the service description so that the
"Snappy" reference is not seen on system startup nor shutdown.

Signed-off-by: Sergio Schvezov <email address hidden>

8109f8b... by Jamie Strandboge on 2020-02-14

interfaces/{desktop-legacy,unity7}: adjust for new ibus socket location

IBus 1.5.22 changed the abstract socket path. This version is currently
in Ubuntu 20.04 and while the apparmor ibus abstraction in 20.04 was
adjusted for this path, snapd uses a subset of that abstraction and
needs a corresponding update. This provides that update.


9427fcc... by Maciej Borzecki on 2020-02-14

systemd: improve is-active check for 'failed' services

The following failure was seen in the wild:

+ echo 'Installing a new snapd snap'
Installing a new snapd snap
+ snap install --dangerous /var/lib/snapd/snaps/snapd_x1.snap
error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Make current revision for snap "snapd" unavailable ([--root / is-active snapd.core-fixup.service] failed with exit status 3: failed
- Make snap "snapd" (unset) available to the system ([--root / is-active snapd.core-fixup.service] failed with exit status 3: failed

When a service is in failed state, `systemctl is-active`, returns 3 and prints
out `failed\n` to stderr. Extend the current checks to cover this case.

Document that `systemctl is-active` check for non-active service exits with
error code 3, but we check any non-0 exit status.

Signed-off-by: Maciej Borzecki <email address hidden>

3ad3e7f... by Erick555 <email address hidden> on 2019-12-16

interfaces/browser-support: add more product/vendor paths

Allow getting the manufacturer and model of the
computer where Chrome is currently running.
This is going to be used by the upcoming Hardware Platform
extension API.

It was introduced by following upstream patch:

Chrome/chromium tries to read those paths on every launch.

bb5a789... by Zygmunt Krynicki on 2020-01-30

cmd/snap-confine: use larger buffer for version strings

b9f3d90... by Zygmunt Krynicki on 2020-01-29

cmd/snap-confine: take account of

bc1cd83... by Zygmunt Krynicki on 2020-01-29

cmd/snap-confine: stricter parsing of major nv version number

0dffc45... by Zygmunt Krynicki on 2020-01-28

cmd/snap-confine,tests: support x.y.z nvidia version

Nvidia driver version used to be just x.y but now we see x.y.z in the
wild. What's worse is that the micro version component has relevant
leading zeros.

To handle this the version structrue is extended to hold the major
version, that we need separately for another reason, as well as the raw,
full version.

The patch includes a spread test variant that emulates the new version
scheme. I also bundled a small typedef and a memset instead of per-field

Tested on NVidia 2080s on Ubuntu 20.04 development build using stock
drivers (x.y) as well as the beta drivers from graphics-drivers ppa.


Signed-off-by: Zygmunt Krynicki <email address hidden>

3ceb376... by Maciej Borzecki on 2020-02-11

tests/main/static: ldd in glibc 2.31 logs to stderr now

With update of glibc to 2.31, ldd logs to stderr instead of stdout.

Signed-off-by: Maciej Borzecki <email address hidden>

13d5f0a... by Michael Vogt on 2020-02-12

releasing package snapd version 2.43.3