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dc591b0... by Jamie Strandboge on 2018-06-07

interfaces/raw-usb: also allow usb serial devices

USB serial devices like /dev/ttyUSB* were always meant to be included in this
transitional interface, but the code missed /dev/ttyUSB* AppArmor rules and
a matching udev rule to tag the devices (udev sets the SUBSYSTEM to tty for
USB serial devices so we use SUBSYSTEM=="tty", ENV{ID_BUS}=="usb" as the
conditional to tag only them for this interface).

57df761... by Didier Roche on 2018-05-18

snap/env: fix env duplication logic (#5075)

* snap/env: fix env duplication logic

The snap insertion inside environment variables like PATH and XDG_DATA_DIRS
expects that the snap element is always the latest of the path, which isn't
necessarily the case.
Ensure we do substring detection following POSIX.

* Handle subdirectories not matching exact path

Ensure that subdirectory of wanted path doesn't match accidently the wanted
exact path.
As now the syntax is a little bit more complex, factor out wanted path.

4f6f825... by Michael Vogt on 2018-05-16

releasing package snapd version 2.32.9

b42bda4... by Sergio Cazzolato on 2018-05-15

Increase timeouts to make tests reliable on slow boards

These tests have timeouts on 3 minutes which are quite good for vms, but
on pi2/3 for example it could be not enough.

Currently I see timeout removing the snap in my pi3. See the logs, it is
taking 4 minutes.



67329ad... by Michael Vogt on 2018-05-16

Merge pull request #5167 from mvo5/more-gce-2.32

tests: cherry-pick more GCE commits

be50a8c... by Michael Vogt on 2018-05-16

tests: go must be installed as a classic snap

827fe08... by Sergio Cazzolato on 2017-12-19

Set debian-sid-64 system as manual

This is because this system seems to be too much unstable and it is
making most of the branches/prs to fail.

This is an example of test log:

438b724... by Sergio Cazzolato on 2018-03-28

tests: adding debian sid to google backend (#4943)

cc2fe1e... by Sergio Cazzolato on 2018-03-01

Moving debian 9 from linode to google backend

2906afe... by Michael Vogt on 2018-05-15

tests: build spread in the autopkgtests with a more recent go