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aed3856... by Michael Vogt on 2018-03-09

releasing package snapd version 2.31.2

49371c7... by Zygmunt Krynicki on 2018-03-09

many: add the snapd-generator (#4797)

* many: add the snapd-generator

This patch removes the snap.mount (or var-lib-snapd-snap.mount) unit
and replaces it with a systemd generator that does creates such unit
dynamically at runtime, on early boot, when the system is running
without mount event sharing on the root filesystem.

This fixes a bug where if packaging ships the snap.mount unit and the
unit is stopped (even if it is not started) it would stop all the snap
mount units on the system, resulting in broken snaps.

Since the mount unit is no longer known to packaging it will not be
automatically stopped/started by generated maintainer scripts and thus
avoid the issue.

e73e47f... by Maciej Borzecki on 2018-03-08

polkit: do not shadow dbus errors, avoid panic in case of errors

With the current code, when the dbus call fails with an error we will shadow it
with our own error. In the process of doing so, we try to access a map in
authResult that is uninitialized, accessing a key will cause a panic.

Signed-off-by: Maciej Borzecki <email address hidden>

7d04e89... by Andrea Azzarone on 2018-03-06

polkit: ensure error is properly set if dialog is dismissed

106e456... by James Henstridge on 2018-03-08

xdgopenproxy: integrate xdg-open implementation into snapctl (#4794)

* xdgopenproxy: add a Go implementation of the xdg-open proxy client

* xdgopenproxy: add tests

* xdgopenproxy: test that passed file descriptor is for expected file

* xdgopenproxy: fix copyright years

aa4ad07... by James Henstridge on 2018-03-05

userd: add an OpenFile method for launching local files with xdg-open (#4766)

* userd: add OpenFile D-Bus method for opening local files

* interfaces: allow OpenFile method in cases where OpenURL was allowed

* userd: make changes requested by zyga

* userd: add a parentWindow argument, as requested by mvo

* userd: stat the filename first, as requested by jdstrand

* userd: check that the sender is still connected to the bus after looking
up process information

234ad3c... by Michael Vogt on 2018-02-27

configstate: when disable "ssh" we must disable the "sshd" service

When `snap set core service.ssh.disable=true` is run we must disable
the sshd.service instead of the ssh.service. The ssh.service is
an alias for sshd, but if ssh.service is disabled we create a
"mask" file on /etc/systemd/ssh.service. But we need a mask file
for "sshd.service" because the "sshd.service" file is also in the
core snap and the "writable-path" magic will bring it back after
a reboot.

LP: 1752031

4e2cea3... by Michael Vogt on 2018-02-26

many: remove snapd.refresh.{timer,service}

We used to have an emergency timer that would run a forced refresh once
a week to ensure that if something is wrong with our refresh schedule
implementation we have a way out.

We don't need this anymore because:
- we have the monthly schedule now so weekly does not fit anymore
- we have repairs for emergencies which are on their own timer
- our internal refresh got quite a bit of testing since we introduced it

This should be cherry-picked back to 2.31 and 2.32.

2e69dce... by Alfonso Sanchez-Beato on 2018-02-13

interfaces/builtin: allow MM to access login1

So it can properly shutdown devices on suspend/hibernate.

750652b... by Michael Vogt on 2018-02-26

Merge pull request #4732 from bboozzoo/bboozzoo/2.31-flattened-clockspan-wraparound

[2.31] timeutil: account for 24h wrap when flattening clock spans