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zipios ( xenial; urgency=high

  * Replaced the dostime.h/c with dosdatetime.hpp/cpp to eliminate the GPL
  * Updated the tests accordingly.
  * Fixed the dosdatetime test so it matches the hours properly (I was able to
    remove the 1h difference test to accomodate standard/saving time periods.)
  * Made enhancements to the `mk` script so I can use it in zipios or Snap C++.
  * Updated copyright notices to say 2019.
  * Fixed the debian/copyright file.
  * I removed the UTF-8 long dashes and replace them with "--".
  * I updated the version in the main CMakeFile.txt.
  * I applied cleanups as detected by the code analyzis tools.

 -- Alexis Wilke <email address hidden>  Tue,  9 Apr 2019 19:40:36 -0800

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