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Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :

Regression #1: Windows lose their borders (and most shadows) during shading animation. Try this with a Terminal so it's more visible.

Regression #2: "failed to bind pixmap to texture" warnings and flashing white decorations during resize are now much more common in this branch than with trunk. Annoyingly so.

Regression #3: Moving wobbly windows in expo (esp. between workspaces) jump a significant distance after the wobble.

Regression #4: Vertically maximized wobbly windows sometimes jump up/down by one pixel after the wobble, making the bottom border visible/invisible. Try Alt+dragging a vertically maximized window up a little, and sometimes it will move up ~1px. Normally the borders of semi-maximized windows overlap adjacent workspaces by 1px. That's a bug in trunk too, but this regression makes it worse (2px) and unpredictable.

I dare say it might be time to start again, using multiple smaller proposals rather than this one big one. I don't believe a single large proposal is the only way to solve the four related bugs.

review: Needs Fixing

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