Code review comment for lp:~smspillaz/compiz-core/compiz-core.work_923683

Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :

* priv->frameRegion -= infiniteRegion
  should be:
  priv->frameRegion = emptyRegion;

* Gererally speaking, x1 + width != x2
  That's an off-by-one mistake. It should usually be: x1 + width - 1 == x2
  However I can't prove that's causing any problems right now and it's not new in this branch.

* Regression: The resize artefacts reported on 5 April are still present. I thought they were meant to be fixed?

I really really don't want to see any more revisions of this branch. But the regression is kind of a problem.

review: Needs Fixing

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