Code review comment for lp:~smspillaz/compiz-core/compiz-core.work_923683

Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :

I was so close to approving and merging this today. But in final testing I noticed it triggers window border/shadow artefacts when resizing. They are easiest to see in Normal resize mode, but still happen much less noticeably in Rectangle resize mode too.

Just put a Nautilus window in front of a large white window and resize the Nautilus window rapidly from its top-right corner. Ugly artefacts will be left on the window behind.

I actually suspect the resize plugin being to blame for this, because I have encountered similar bugs with it before. And read that the GLES branch seems to have too.

However right now, it's being triggered by this branch. So I can't approve it just yet.

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