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30720a7... by Scott Moser on 2018-09-27

Fix native build.

Builds cloud-initramfs-tools [native] and cloud-utils [non-native].

6cf90d4... by Scott Moser on 2018-09-27

run_in_lxd: do not use a shell in sudo.

using a shell makes things more difficult.

932a79d... by Scott Moser on 2018-09-27

arguments are a list, not a set.

a set is unordered, and arguments are most definitely ordered.
  --file foo
doesn't work as
  foo --file.

ea31d41... by Scott Moser on 2018-09-22

Rework installing dependencies.

a.) do not re-try installing dependencies.
b.) use apt-get build-dep everywhere except trusty.
c.) install fakeroot explicitly (or dpkg-buildpackage complains as non-root).
d.) use eatmydata if it can when apt-get install.

Things to note:
 * On trusty, install devscripts with '--no-install-recommends'.
   we do not install them at all elsewhere.
 * Do not install sudo, only install equivs on trusty.

bd7ea3c... by Scott Moser on 2018-09-22

build: Explicitly wait for the container to finish booting.

Rather than relying on retrying 'apt-get update' to indicate
success, add a shell snippet to do that.

51af3b7... by Scott Moser on 2018-09-22

build: build in Ubuntu devel for 'unstable', 'testing', 'devel'.

c96f822... by Scott Moser on 2018-09-22

build: Be more explicit about creating user in container.

Explicitly create a user in build. Previously a user was created
as a side effect of trying to run a command as that user in the

09436be... by Robie Basak on 2018-10-24

Revert "Merge ~smoser/usd-importer:cleanup/build-cleanups"

This reverts commit 8450e61c33dd6b634c9d3178e71e63ea6d92d433, reversing
changes made to aeec44edd8f54bff883fb68e4936a1a09156ac0c. It turns out
that merge regressed the build-source command.

LP #1799300

8450e61... by Robie Basak on 2018-10-19

Merge ~smoser/usd-importer:cleanup/build-cleanups


aeec44e... by Robie Basak on 2018-10-16

Add cargo to whitelist