Code review comment for ~smoser/usd-importer:fix/1749609-build-non-1000

Scott Moser (smoser) wrote :

Since you reported/re-reported this issue, I wonder if you could test to see if this fixes your problem.

Heres how to test:

 $ git clone
 $ cd usd-importer
 $ git checkout fix/1749609-build-non-1000
 $ PATH=$PWD/bin:$PATH
 $ cd ..
 $ git ubuntu clone postfix
 $ cd postfix
 $ git ubuntu build --verbose --lxd-image=ubuntu-daily:bionic

We currently need to tell it to build in bionic (--lxd-image=ubuntu-daily:bionic) just because of bug 1791691.

I've done the above test locally, but it'd be good to make sure it also fixes the problem for you.

I *have* gone through the above

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