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58. By Scott Moser on 2017-01-18

* debian/new-upstream-snapshot: change to not use bzr merge-upstream.
* New upstream snapshot.
  - pep8: fix pep8 errors found with 'make pep8' on zesty.
  - Workaround failures caused by gpg2 daemons left running in chroot.
    (LP: #1645680)
  - Install u-boot-tools when running on a system with u-boot. (LP: #1640519)
  - block: fix partition kname for raid devices (LP: #1641661)
  - Fix up tox errors that slipped in and new pycodestyle 2.1.0 complaints.
  - vmtests: adjust vmtest image sync metadata filenames
  - vmtests: Add centos support
  - Disable WilyTestRaid5Bcache vmtest
  - tools/xkvm: fix --netdev=<bridge>
  - bytes2human: fix for values larger than 32 bit int on 32 bit python2.

57. By Scott Moser on 2016-10-03

wrap debian/changelog

56. By Ryan Harper on 2016-10-03

releasing package curtin version 0.1.0~bzr425-0ubuntu1~16.04.1

Merged branch lp:~raharper/ubuntu/xenial/curtin/pkg-sru-revno425
Bug #1351085: documentation is out of date and sparse
Bug #1524031: attempting to preserve disk curtin expects PTTYPE in blkid output
Bug #1562249: Failed to deploy machine with HP Smart Array Raid 6i
Bug #1574113: curtin/maas don't support multiple (derived) archives/repositories with custom keys
Bug #1597522: curtin passes wrong args to mkfs when making filesystem on advanced format disks
Bug #1597923: curtin is unable to create whole disk fat/vfat formats
Bug #1598310: Curtin block.get_blockdev_sector_size incorrectly assumes block._lsblock will return a dictionary with only a single entry
Bug #1609614: Failed deployment with latest trunk
Bug #1615780: Confusing 'success' message when apply_net fails.
Bug #1617375: AttributeError: module 'curtin.util' has no attribute 'RunInChroot'
Bug #1618429: Curtin doesn't clean up previous MD configuration
55. By Ryan Harper on 2016-10-03

* New upstream snapshot.
  - unittest,tox.ini: catch and fix issue with trusty-level mock of open
  - block/mdadm: add option to ignore mdadm_assemble errors (LP: #1618429)
  - curtin/doc: overhaul curtin documentation for readthedocs.org (LP: #1351085)
  - curtin.util: re-add support for RunInChroot (LP: #1617375)
  - curtin/net: overhaul of eni rendering to handle mixed ipv4/ipv6 configs
  - curtin.block: refactor clear_holders logic into block.clear_holders and cli cmd
  - curtin.apply_net should exit non-zero upon exception. (LP: #1615780)
  - apt: fix bug in disable_suites if sources.list line is blank.
  - vmtests: disable Wily in vmtests
  - Fix the unittests for test_apt_source.
  - get CURTIN_VMTEST_PARALLEL shown correctly in jenkins-runner output
  - fix vmtest check_file_strippedline to strip lines before comparing
  - fix whitespace damage in tests/vmtests/__init__.py
  - fix dpkg-reconfigure when debconf_selections was provided. (LP: #1609614)
  - fix apt tests on non-intel arch
  - Add apt features to curtin. (LP: #1574113)
  - vmtest: easier use of parallel and controlling timeouts
  - mkfs.vfat: add force flag for formating whole disks (LP: #1597923)
  - block.mkfs: fix sectorsize flag (LP: #1597522)
  - block_meta: cleanup use of sys_block_path and handle cciss knames (LP: #1562249)
  - block.get_blockdev_sector_size: handle _lsblock multi result return (LP: #1598310)
  - util: add target (chroot) support to subp, add target_path helper.
  - block_meta: fallback to parted if blkid does not produce output (LP: #1524031)
  - commands.block_wipe: correct default wipe mode to 'superblock'
  - tox.ini: run coverage normally rather than separately
  - move uefi boot knowledge from launch and vmtest to xkvm

54. By Scott Moser on 2016-10-03

merge in missing commit

53. By Scott Moser on 2016-10-03

debian/new-upstream-snapshot: add writing of debian changelog entries.

52. By Scott Moser on 2016-07-12

releasing package curtin version 0.1.0~bzr399-0ubuntu1~16.04.1

50. By Ryan Harper on 2016-07-12

* sru current curtin
  - curtin/net: fix inet value for subnets, don't add interface attributes
    to alias (LP: #1588547)
  - improve net-meta network configuration (LP: #1592149)
  - reporting: set webhook handler level to DEBUG, no filtering (LP: #1590846)
  - tests/vmtests: add yakkety, remove vivid
  - curtin/net: use post-up for interface alias, resolve 120 second time out
    on Trusty when using interface aliases
  - vmtest: provide info on images used
  - fix multipath configuration and add multipath tests (LP: #1551937)
  - tools/launch and tools/xkvm: whitespace cleanup and bash -x
  - tools/launch: boot by root=LABEL=cloudimg-rootfs
  - Initial vmtest power8 support and TestSimple test.

49. By Scott Moser on 2016-06-03

releasing package curtin version 0.1.0~bzr389-0ubuntu1~16.04.1

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