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c491d83... by Chad Smith on 2017-12-01

releasing package cloud-init version 17.1-46-g7acc9e68-0ubuntu1~17.10.1

3c1d1ee... by Chad Smith on 2017-12-01

update changelog (new upstream snapshot 17.1-46-g7acc9e68).

c4dc719... by Chad Smith on 2017-12-01

merge from master at 17.1-46-g7acc9e68

7acc9e6... by Chad Smith on 2017-11-30

ec2: Fix sandboxed dhclient background process cleanup.

There is a race condition where our sandboxed dhclient properly writes a
lease file but has not yet written a pid file. If the sandbox temporary
directory is torn down before the dhclient subprocess writes a pidfile
DataSourceEc2Local gets a traceback and the instance will fallback to
DataSourceEc2 in the init-network stage. This wastes boot cycles we'd
rather not spend.

Fix handling of sandboxed dhclient to wait for both pidfile and leasefile
before proceding. If either file doesn't show in 5 seconds, log a warning
and return empty lease results {}.

LP: #1735331

88368f9... by Scott Moser on 2017-11-29

tests: NoCloudKVMImage do not modify the original local cache image.

The NoCloudKVMImage.execute() would modify the image in /srv/citest
that meant that after the first time you ran a test, the image was

The change here is to make the image operate on a qcow backed image.

Also modify Snapshot to then copy the qcow rather
than creating another chained qcow. The reason being that the image
might go away or change after the snapshot has been returned.

 * drop use of 'override_templates' which was only relevant to LXD.
 * NoCloudKVM.create_image() returned an instance before
   now it has create_instance which creates an instance.
 * NoCloudKVMInstance has a 'disk' attribute separate from 'name'

4964fb3... by Joshua Powers on 2017-11-22

tests: Enable bionic in integration tests.

9ac735b... by Scott Moser on 2017-11-21

tests: Use apt-get to install a deb so that depends get resolved.

Instead of using 'dpkg -i' to install a package and then running
apt-get -f install, to hope that it would install needed dependencies
we can just use 'apt-get' directly to do the install.

The 'dpkg/apt-get -f' path was a problem if the installed deb was
older than the available deb. In that case it would get replaced.

bbe91cd... by Ryan McCabe on 2017-11-20

sysconfig: Correctly render dns and dns search info.

Currently when dns and dns search info is provided, it is not rendered
when outputting to sysconfig format.

This patch causes the DNS and DOMAIN lines to be written out rendering

LP: #1705804

7624348... by Scott Moser on 2017-11-20

integration test: replace curtin test ppa with cloud-init test ppa.

Cloud-init integration tests should not depend on a curtin test ppa.
We already had a cloud-init test ppa for explicitly this purpose.
Just use it instead.

281a821... by Scott Moser on 2017-11-20

EC2: Fix bug using fallback_nic and metadata when restoring from cache.

If user upgraded to new cloud-init and attempted to run 'cloud-init init'
without rebooting, cloud-init restores the datasource object from pickle.
The older version pickled datasource object had no value for
_network_config or fallback_nic. This caused the Ec2 datasource to attempt
to reconfigure networking with a None fallback_nic. The pickled object
also cached an older version of ec2 metadata which didn't contain network

This branch does two things:
 - Add a fallback_interface property to DatasourceEC2 to support reading the
   old .fallback_nic attribute if it was set. New versions will
   call net.find_fallback_nic() if there has not been one found.
 - Re-crawl metadata if we are on Ec2 and don't have a 'network' key in

LP: #1732917