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a247285... by Scott Moser on 2017-05-31

add warning on unexpected situation strict_id=true and platform unknown.

092ea40... by Scott Moser on 2017-05-31

Add test for warn_if_necessary.

Change here also changes function signature of warn_if_necessary
to allow for more direct testing without using 'activate.'

c4d0d40... by Scott Moser on 2017-05-30

initial test_ec2.py

e8fcbfd... by Scott Moser on 2017-05-30

Add a docstring for _collect_platform_data.

e358e2f... by Scott Moser on 2017-05-18

Ec2: do not warn user of strict if Ec2 is explicitly set.

If the system is configured with datasource_list of either just
'Ec2' or 'Ec2' and 'None', then consider this as if they had set
strict_id = true.

LP: #1683038

4a60af5... by Junjie.Wang on 2017-04-21

AliYun: Enable platform identification and enable by default.

AliYun cloud platform is now identifying themselves by setting the dmi
product id to the well known value "Alibaba Cloud ECS". The changes here
identify that properly in tools/ds-identify and in the DataSourceAliYun.

Since the 'get_data' for AliYun now identifies itself correctly, we can
enable AliYun by default.

LP: #1638931

16a7302... by Dimitri John Ledkov on 2017-05-16

net: fix reading and rendering addresses in cidr format.

Input (specifically OpenStack) that had:
   "ip_address" : "",
   "netmask" : ""

Was being rendered to netplan as ''.
That is now fixed to ''

Also fixed is reading of a route that had a network prefix integer
in the 'netmask' rather than a netmask.

LP: #1689346
LP: #1684349

1815c6d... by Scott Moser on 2017-05-25

disk_setup: udev settle before attempting partitioning or fs creation.

This attempts to use udevadm settle to wait until devices have been
fully "realized". If a device exists, there may still be events in
the udev queue that would create its partition table entries.
We need to wait until those have been processed also.

LP: #1692093

d27c493... by Dan Watkins on 2017-05-25

GCE: Update the attribute used to find instance SSH keys.

Per the documentation at

The instance-level SSH key was named 'sshKeys' and now is 'ssh-keys'.
The project-level SSH key attribute has not changed so is intentionally
not changed here.

LP: #1693582

910ed46... by Dimitri John Ledkov on 2017-05-13

nplan: For bonds, allow dashed or underscore names of keys.

As some of the bond paramemters are passed in as dashed, or
underscored, depending on the input source.

Also correct transmit-hash-policy netplan target key.

LP: #1690480