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26. By Scott Moser <smoser@brickies> on 2009-08-04

byobu-janitor: do not fail on optional sed replacement, LP: #408945

25. By Scott Moser <smoser@brickies> on 2009-08-04

debian/source_byobu.py: invoke ls command allowing for shell expansion,
  LP: #408936

24. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2009-07-29

[ Chow Loong Jin and Dustin Kirkland ]
* byobu, byobu-launcher, byobu-select-profile: check $STY rather than
  $TERM, to determine if we're already inside of a screen session, per
  screen's manpage; wrap $STY in double quotes; use -n rather than -z;
  LP: #403988, LP: #403809

[ Dustin Kirkland ]
* debian/rules: fix update-pot section of rules file; previous code
  was only actually gathering messages from the last file input
  (byobu-config); this joins the code properly
* bin/wifi_quality: actually evaluate the wifi quality, fixes broken
  quality percentage

23. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2009-07-22

[ Kees Cook ]
* byobu, byobu-launcher:
  - set the window title to "$USER@HOST - byobu"
  - do this in byobu, rather than byobu-launcher so that all byobu
    sessions, and not just auto-launched sessions get this
  - note that we're dropping $PWD since this does not actually work
    and replacing this with " - byobu"
  - for $PWD to work, we'd need screen to support two separate
    hardstatus lines, as we can either put it at the bottom of byobu,
    or in the window title, and hardstatus is the only tool available
    to us for tracking $PWD
  - drop the bash -i hack in byobu-launcher; this speeds up logins

22. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2009-07-20

* byobu-launcher: drop "Launching byobu", since this ends up in the
  bash history, LP: #400275
* bin/disk: unbold the first letter of the disk size units, match
  format of the mem status reporting

21. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2009-07-12

* byobu: make this script set -e, such that it will fail if byobu-janitor
  exits non-zero
* byobu-janitor: check that ~/.byobu is writable; print an error message
  and exit non-zero if not; handles odd situation where user launches
  byobu from a sudo/root shell, and root owns their ~/.byobu dir, but then
  they launch as non-root sometime later, LP: #394147
* profiles/common: add a backtick helper hack to print %-1
* profiles_generator/profile.skel: improve handline of window overflow
  on the caption line; use a ... elipsis at the beginning or end of line
  to show that there are more windows or information available than
  immediately shown, LP: #369828
* debian/source_byobu.py: add apport hooks for byobu

20. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2009-07-06

* byobu-launcher: print 'Launching Byobu...' banner for slower terminals,
  and drop the printing of 'exit'; much nicer user experience
* bin/cpu_freq, bin/disk, bin/mem_available, bin/mem_used: use bold
  font for these, to help with dark colored tty's
* bin/temp_c, bin/temp_f: fix display of yellow on dark tty's
* bin/*: use bold for measurements, and non-bold for units; this really
  makes byobu's status items 'pop'!
* bin/fan_speed, byobu-config, byobu.1, profiles/common,
  profiles_generator/profile.skel, rpm/byobu.spec, statusrc: added cpu
  fan speed status
* bin/users, byobu.1: don't display '0#' if no users logged in; waste of
  space, match behavior of updates_available
* bin/processes, byobu.1: use white text on yellow background, more
  readable on tty's

19. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2009-06-30

* debian/screen-profiles.postinst: try to remove the dpkg-divert, but
  if it fails, let the installation proceed, since we've copied
  screen.real back into place now, (much hate shall descend upon
  dpkg-divert!!!), LP: #393204
* byobu-launcher-uninstall, byobu-janitor: byobu-launcher is no longer
  fully qualified, update the remove to account for this; clean out
  old screen-launcher entries as a janitor item LP: #392978
* keybindings/f-keys, keybindings/screen-escape-keys: call the
  byobu-config window 'config', rather than 'help'

18. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2009-06-30

debian/screen-profiles.postinst: try to remove the dpkg-divert, but
if it fails, let the installation proceed, since we've copied
screen.real back into place now, LP: #393204

17. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2009-06-26

[ Dustin Kirkland ]
* debian/postinst: can't assume a group named for the user, LP: #391722
* debian/postinst, debian/screen-profiles.postinst: ensure that
  /usr/bin/screen doesn't disappear, which causes the dpkg-divert
  removal to fail; LP: #390808
* bin/mem_available: read mem_available from /proc, should be more
* byobu-launcher-uninstall: uninstall old screen-launcher entries too,
  LP: #391913
* byobu: detect and emit an error message if the user tries to run
  byobu from within a screen session
* byobu: add a -v version argument
* byobu.1, byobu-config.1: move the putty bug note to the byobu manpage
  next to the keybinding documentation
* debian/byobu-extras.install, debian/control, debian/install,
  debian/release.sh, debian/rules, generate, rpm/byobu.spec: eliminate
  the byobu-extras package; this was originally created because we
  used to force select-screen-profile on first run, and the number of
  profiles was overwhelming; we're no longer doing this, and this
  separate package is more trouble than its worth

[ Ciemon Dunville ]
* byobu.1: update description, add note about units of measure

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