Merge lp:~smooth-texan/ubuntu-desktop-accomplishments/accomplishments-shared-with-validation-server into lp:ubuntu-desktop-accomplishments

Proposed by BenHagan
Status: Merged
Merge reported by: Jono Bacon
Merged at revision: not available
Proposed branch: lp:~smooth-texan/ubuntu-desktop-accomplishments/accomplishments-shared-with-validation-server
Merge into: lp:ubuntu-desktop-accomplishments
Diff against target: 16 lines (+3/-3)
1 file modified
accomplishments/ubuntu-desktop/en/accessories/accomplishments-shared-with-validation-server.accomplishment (+3/-3)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~smooth-texan/ubuntu-desktop-accomplishments/accomplishments-shared-with-validation-server
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Ubuntu Desktop Accomplishments Reviewers Pending
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Description of the change

-Edited summary to fix Bug #1036960
-Added steps to fix Bug #1013161

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Jono Bacon (jonobacon) wrote :

Thanks for the contribution, Ben!

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1=== modified file 'accomplishments/ubuntu-desktop/en/accessories/accomplishments-shared-with-validation-server.accomplishment'
2--- accomplishments/ubuntu-desktop/en/accessories/accomplishments-shared-with-validation-server.accomplishment 2012-05-22 16:41:31 +0000
3+++ accomplishments/ubuntu-desktop/en/accessories/accomplishments-shared-with-validation-server.accomplishment 2012-08-15 22:38:17 +0000
4@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
5 [accomplishment]
6 id = ubuntu-desktop/accomplishments-shared-with-validation-server
7 title = Shared With Accomplishments Service
8-description = You have added music to your computer
9+description = You have shared with the Accomplishments Service
10 category = Accessories:Accomplishments
11 icon = default.png
12-summary = Many of the different opportunities that are available in <i>Ubuntu Accomplishments</i> require
13-help =
14+summary = Many of the different opportunities that are available in <i>Ubuntu Accomplishments</i> require validation through the Accomplishments Service. The Accomplishments Service uses Ubuntu One to validate and store trophies you've earned.
15+steps = Authorize your Ubuntu One account in the Accomplishments Viewer.
16 author = Silver Fox <>


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