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55adae4... by Boxiang Zhu

fix: Use system session to handle

Use system session to handle token data and user

Change-Id: I3b0534c4a5097553e3689fcaf7915c4be6df1fe3

235f7fb... by Boxiang Zhu

feat: Add default_project_id

1. add default_project_id into profile to return
2. if user has default_project_id, then we will login into
this project as default.

Change-Id: I147f7866163ae4d102e83f7c28bbf0077f463974

99f557e... by Shuai Qian

fix: modify database connection way

modify parallelDatabase as Database

Bug: 2042812
Change-Id: I33f282e69e7383a51c3e69b4c8e9273609fb988d

1cedd57... by conna

fix: fix login API error message

the login API does not return an error message

Change-Id: I76be8ca033effe8da98b6e0f5281561b183b6266

a27c6da... by conna

Update the installation documentation

Add configurable policy files.

Change-Id: Ib4395b58dccf94aa18a88b66c9ee3e1e33df9787

1e4f72c... by conna

Add configurable policy files

Configurable policy files are added for services.

Change-Id: I53549fe80798bdd2e6ed3f92f548ed16393a269f

cdfe033... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "docs: update kolla-ansible deploy skyline steps"

fe56f82... by Shuai Qian

support masakari and designate

add masakari and designate policies file and configs.

Change-Id: Ic2d3431df3cb8d33e74d061337514ea3d91bb7ac

454b214... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "Updating Target Attributes For Barbican Policy"

9a8d683... by Boxiang Zhu

fix: Updated the version of gunicorn

The related patch:

Change-Id: I40786189b960500257967d93f976d528ade12de2