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c887520... by Simon Poirier

add bug for d/p/nutanix-kvm.patch

b3c9cf6... by Simon Poirier

New changelog entry

 * debian/patches/nutanix-kvm.patch: Update vm_info.py to include Nutanix
 * Fixes for release-upgrade (LP: #1699179).
   - debian/patches/1699179-release-upgrade-check.diff: Check if ubuntu-
     release-upgrader is running before apt-update. (LP: #1699179)
   - debian/patches/release-upgrade-success.patch: Enable landscape-client to
     survive trusty upgrade. (LP: #1670291)
   - debian/patches/post-upgrade-reboot.patch: Force reboot operation in
     case systemd fails. (LP: #1670291)
 * debian/patches/1616116-resync-loop.patch:
   Clear hash id database on package resync. (LP: #1616116)

54ce0eb... by Simon Poirier

Add d/p/1616116-resync-loop.patch

Clear hash id database on package resync.

9435064... by Simon Poirier

Add d/p/post-upgrade-reboot.patch

Force reboot operation in case systemd fails.

b46de9e... by Simon Poirier

Add debian/patches/release-upgrade-success.patch

bdf2914... by Simon Poirier

Add debian/patches/nutanix-kvm.patch

3748a44... by Simon Poirier

Add debian/patches/1699179-release-upgrade-check.diff

3348eaf... by Simon Poirier

Import patches-unapplied version 16.03-0ubuntu2.16.04.4 to ubuntu/xenial-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 35c599195fe2e19320dbe2c28b3d324ee3c2f72b

New changelog entries:
  * d/p/detect-cloudstack-kvm-1754073.patch: Detect CloudStack
    kvm hypervisor (LP: #1754073)

35c5991... by Eric Desrochers

Import patches-unapplied version 16.03-0ubuntu2.16.04.3 to ubuntu/xenial-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 0e26ae77dd820177534e7b7c6f970cc13d1a0e1c

New changelog entries:
  * d/p/set-vm-info-to-kvm-for-aws-C5-instances.patch:
    Sets vm_info to kvm for new AWS EC2 C5 instances. (LP: #1742531)
  * d/p/set-vm-info-to-kvm-for-digitalocean-instances.patch:
    Sets vm_info to kvm for digitalocean instances. (LP: #1743232)

0e26ae7... by Andreas Hasenack

Import patches-unapplied version 16.03-0ubuntu2.16.04.2 to ubuntu/xenial-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 1f934c568c85c1c86e0e4c5ec190ae869195552e

New changelog entries:
  [ Simon Poirier ]
  * Add proxy handling to package reporter. (LP: #1531150)
  * Fix regression in configuration hook under install-cd chroot (LP: #1699789)
  * Report autoremovable packages (LP: #1208393)
  * No not re-register client by default (LP: #1618483)