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4586c69... by Simon Poirier


Clean stale twisted lock files (LP: #1870087)

0a347fd... by Matthias Klose

Import patches-unapplied version 19.12-0ubuntu3 to ubuntu/focal-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: d1859070c5a5219035c3fb8b930a0c096ec66bb4

New changelog entries:
  * No-change rebuild to build with python3.8.

d185907... by Balint Reczey

Import patches-unapplied version 19.12-0ubuntu2 to ubuntu/focal-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 81606e6e2dea50c75d5ec0bac3eacad755658f63

New changelog entries:
  * Handle EINVAL error of SIOCETHTOOL ioctl (LP: #1855522)
    The error occurs on WSL (1) and causes an error showing up in MOTD.

81606e6... by Simon Poirier

Import patches-unapplied version 19.12-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/focal-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: af0e06ed3b0e16e8521706e7c1fdf7005406d51e

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release 19.12:
    - Modernized packaging.
    - Added support for python-apt 1.9
    - Converted init script to systemd service.
    - Set default value if data_path is missing. (LP: #1728681)
    - Sysinfo: add support for multiple IPv6 addresses per interface.
      (LP: #829379)
    - Clear hash id database on package resync. (LP: #1616116)
    - Permit environments containing unicode chars for script execution.
      (LP: #1765518)
    - Set LANG in sysinfo wrapper. (LP: #1780071)
    - Avoid leaking memory through unused twisted logs. (LP: #1685885)
    - Handle unicode apt-sources-replace (LP: #1771443)
    - Add simfs to the whitelist of watched file-systems (LP: #1499104)
    - Return non-blank message when tasks already performed. (LP: #928933)
    - Overrid apt progress pulse(). (LP: #1758529)
    - Improvements on vm_info detection (LP: #1754073) (LP: #1799843)
      (LP: #1828217)
    - Remove the landscape url from motd output by removing LandscapeLink
      from the list of default landscape-sysinfo plugins. (LP: #1753936)
  * New trunk build
  * Remove the landscape url from motd output by removing LandscapeLink
    from the list of default landscape-sysinfo plugins. (LP: #1753936)

af0e06e... by Andreas Hasenack

Import patches-unapplied version 18.01-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/bionic-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: adafaa41f36524acf3e034e314647c2d1f629f66
Upload parent: 791f19287f2bbdb3043ede68dd4afdf3d85a47b4

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release 18.01:
    - Ported to python3 (LP: #1577850)
    - move Replaces/Breaks landscape-client-ui rules to landscape-common
      (LP: #1560424)
    - Add a libpam-systemd Depends if built for xenial (LP: #1590838)
    - Some units not reporting swift usage (LP: #1588404)
    - Fix missing install directories for landscape-common and drop
      usr/share/landscape as its only used and created by landscape-client.
      (LP: #1680842)
    - Fix VM detection for Xen, by returning "xen" only for paravirtualized and
      HVM hosts, not for dom0. (LP: #1601818)
    - Add an indication of truncation to process output that has been truncated
      prior to delivery to the server. (LP: #1629000)
    - add /snap/bin to the PATH when executing scripts. (LP: #1635634)
    - Save the original sources.list file when a repository profile is
      associated with a computer and restore it when the profile is removed.
      (LP: #1607529)
    - Drop the legacy HAService plugin, which is no longer used.
    - Avoid double-decoding package descriptions in build_skeleton_apt, which
      causes an error with Xenial python-apt. (LP: #1655395)
    - Remove dead dbus code and textmessage (confirmed not supported in server
      for ~2 years). (LP: #1657372)
    - Move bzr-builddeb conf file from deprecated location to debian/
      (LP: #1658796)
    - Support for new server error message about there being too many pending
      computers already (LP: #1662530)
    - Add a timestamp to the package reporter result (LP: #1674252)
    - Check if ubuntu-release-upgrader is running before apt-update (LP: #1699179)
    - Implicitly trust file-local sources managed by landscape. On upgrades,
      add the trusted flag to the landscape file-local apt source file if it's
      not there. (LP: #1736576)
    - Use local system tools to change the user's password (LP: #1743558)
  * clean up packaging and getting in sync with the new landscape version:
    - d/rules: drop extra:suggests which is unused since 13.07.1-0ubuntu2
    - Remove antique postinst code. No supported landscape-client version
      installs cronjobs anymore (since a long time).
    - d/landscape-client.docs: the README file is now a markdown file, so
      install that instead.
    - d/landscape-common.postinst: no need to single out
      /var/lib/landscape/.gnupg when fixing ownerships, just do it over
      the entire parent directory.
    - guard user and group removal via an empty .cleanup.* file in post, so we
      only remove the user/group if we were the ones who created them at
      install time.
    - lintian: remove absolute path from update-motd calls in maintainer
    - d/rules: drop special handling for dapper, hardy and lucid, which are no
      longer supported.
    - d/rules: make sure we have an "extra:Depends=" in substvars even if it's
    - d/rules: drop dh_pycentral handling, it's obsolete
  * Dropped (already included in this version):
    - d/p/set-vm-info-to-kvm-for-aws-C5-instances.patch:
      Sets vm_info to kvm for new AWS EC2 C5 instances. (LP #1742531)
    - d/p/set-vm-info-to-kvm-for-digitalocean-instances.patch:
      Sets vm_info to kvm for digitalocean instances. (LP #1743232)
    - Add proxy handling to package reporter. (LP #1531150)
    - Fix regression in configuration hook under install-cd chroot (LP #1699789)
    - Report autoremovable packages (LP #1208393)
    - Do not re-register client by default (LP #1618483)
    - Don't report packages that are coming from backports, so that Landscape
      doesn't try to upgrade to versions of packages that are in backports.
      (LP #1668583)
    - Cope with an api change in python-swift that broke swift storage
      reporting in Autopilot. (LP #1563565)

791f192... by Andreas Hasenack

More changelog updates about general packaging cleanup

9fd9a52... by Andreas Hasenack

- d/po/POTFILES.in: remove landscape-common3.templates, that package never
  existed in ubuntu

b6e3e56... by Andreas Hasenack


2034a8f... by Andreas Hasenack

Remove leftover PACKAGE variable

0f57a7c... by Andreas Hasenack

- changelog: expand on #1736576
- changelog: add a package cleanup section, mention the "suggests" drop and
  move the "antique postinst" entry to here