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599fce0... by Simon Poirier on 2019-06-14

Update changelog

  * d/p/product-name-vminfo-1828217.patch: Add product_name to things scanned
    for vm_info (LP: #1828217)
  * d/landscape-client.postinst: Set default value if data_path is
    missing. (LP: #1728681)
  * d/p/stagger-launch-1788518.patch: Add option to stagger launch of broker
    plugins. (LP: #1788518)
  * d/landscape-client.init: Fix init script stop action.

993a71e... by Simon Poirier on 2019-06-17

Fix regression with d/landscape-client.init

Add an additional --name filter to start-stop-daemon to correct
a regression introduced by dpkg>=1.19.3.

70db4fd... by Simon Poirier on 2019-06-14

Add d/p/stagger-launch-1788518.patch

9505ce7... by Simon Poirier on 2019-06-14

Default data_path in postinst (LP: #1728681)

289bc1e... by Simon Poirier on 2019-06-14

Add d/p/product-name-vminfo-1828217.patch

3e79416... by Simon Poirier on 2019-02-08

Import patches-unapplied version 18.01-0ubuntu4.2 to ubuntu/cosmic-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Upload parent: ed8746b0cc500f457aac8debda9328d61c4b33b4

ed8746b... by Simon Poirier on 2019-02-08

Add debian/patches/mem-usage-1685885.patch:

Reduce memory usage by unused twisted logs. (LP: #1685885)

c4e0207... by Simon Poirier on 2018-11-27

Import patches-unapplied version 18.01-0ubuntu4.1 to ubuntu/cosmic-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Upload parent: f74c019f215ade397dfd9c5ead31b7a6cc5089ce

f74c019... by Simon Poirier on 2018-12-11

add bug for d/p/nutanix-kvm.patch

1f89b05... by Simon Poirier on 2018-10-29

Update changelog

  * debian/patches/nutanix-kvm.patch: Update vm_info.py to include Nutanix
  * Fixes for release-upgrade.
    - debian/patches/release-upgrade-success.patch: Enable landscape-client to
      survive trusty upgrade.
    - debian/patches/post-upgrade-reboot.patch: Force reboot operation in
      case systemd fails. (LP: #1670291)
  * debian/patches/unicode-tags-script.patch: Permit environments
    containing unicode chars for script execution. (LP: #1765518)
  * debian/patches/1616116-resync-loop.patch:
    Clear hash id database on package resync. (LP: #1616116)