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462. By Scott Moser

Development has been moved to git.

Simplestreams has moved its development from bzr to git.

If you are seeing this message, it means you have checked out via bzr.
Please update your workflow to use git. Instead of
  bzr branch lp:simplestreams
  git clone https://git.launchpad.net/simplestreams

461. By Scott Moser

Warn on usage of checked out bzr.

This supplies a UserWarning until 2018-07-31 to inform the user
that they've used simplestreams from the wrong place.
After that it raises DeprecationWarning.

If needed, adding SIMPLESTREAMS_BZR=1 to the environment will
turn this error into a warning.

460. By David Ames

Glance: Handle Keystone v2 with session based authentication

There are three cases we have to handle:
 - keystone v2 without sessions
 - keystone v2 with sessions
 - keystone v3 with sessions

We had the first and the last covered but not the middle. This change
addresses this.

459. By Scott Moser

Fix make-test-data for python3.

make-test-data had some bytes-versus-strings issues preventing it
from running with python3.

The fixes are here, and now both of these work:
  ./tools/tenv python ./tools/make-test-data exdata-query/ exdata/data
  ./tools/tenv python3 ./tools/make-test-data exdata-query/ exdata/data3

458. By Scott Moser

Fix ubuntu_versions.py with distro_info > 0.14.

The 'hack_all' nature of 'hack_all' variable name showed itself.
We had been accessing '_rows'. That is now '_releases' and
the content there is no longer a dictionary but rather a
DistroRelease object.

The reason we have to do this at all is to get at the datetime
object for 'eol'. Without that, all we can do is provide a date
and check if a release is supported as of that date. What we want
is to publish the EOL date (in YYYY-MM-DD format).

This change was present in distro_info at 0.15. Artful had 0.17,
bionic has 0.18. Apparently we just didn't notice until now.

457. By Philip Roche

i386 OVA are not produced after bionic 20180213.

Bionic OVAs are not produced for i386 from 20180213.
As such any bionic serial after 20180213 ova for i386 should not be
an expected image.

456. By Robert C Jennings

tools/make-test-data: Add AWS China cn-northwest-1 region

Endpoint matching was incorrect for China (Ningxia) EC2 region.
Prior to this patch the code would use the template for the
AWS public partition rather than the AWS China partition.

455. By Scott Moser

OpenStack: support uploading squash images for nova-lxd.

Previously, populating a nova-lxd cloud was possible by using
root.tar.gz. A filter like:
would cause simplestreams to upload an image with 'disk-format' of

However, Ubuntu 17.04 and newer do not have root.tar.gz or root.tar.xz
images available. Currently here is what is available:
 14.04: root.tar.gz root.tar.xz
 16.04: root.tar.gz root.tar.xz squashfs
 17.10: squashfs

If we simply expected the user to change their filter to include
Then they would get two lxd images imported for 16.04 each version.

The change here is to not do anything for an item insert, but instead
insert when the version's insert is called. Then, all the information
about what images there are is available, and it can "pick"
one or the other. Currently preference is given to the .tar.xz format.

The end result is that now users can specify an ftype filter of:
and the right thing will be done.

Also here is simple knowledge that the squashfs type should be
uploaded to glance with a 'disk_format' of 'squashfs'.

454. By David Ames

Support using older swift clients (older than Ocata).

The swift client lagged behind other openstack client libraries in
gaining support for v3 auth. The fix here is to try the v3 auth, and
catch a TypeError and fallback older.

453. By David Ames

Fix glance sync always uploading new image with keystone v3 auth.

When using keystone v3 auth, a 'sync' against a populated glance
mirror would provide None as the tenant_id when querying glance for
existing images.

The fix is just to get the tenant_id from the auth client in that case.

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