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d173401... by Dan Watkins on 2020-12-17

simplestreams: fix use of deprecated LOG.warn method

f3f072e... by Philip Roche on 2020-11-16

Use rsync module instead of uec-images

uec-images rsync module was not migrated during recent server
migration. It has since been restored but I see no reason to
depend on it's existence. We should use the known and widely
used cloud-images module instead.

d5dfebc... by St├ęphane Graber on 2020-09-28

Revert "Skip disk-kvm-img as unsuable under LXD"

This reverts commit 0398864a4c21b040bed7d4ed719547daa156e4b3.

Both focal and groovy now have suitable kernels and the most recent
images appear to boot fine under LXD.

Signed-off-by: St├ęphane Graber <email address hidden>

539c066... by Robert C Jennings on 2020-08-17

Make focal the current LTS

20.04.1 has been released, it's time to make Focal the current LTS

ff048fd... by James Page on 2020-06-29

Drop fast path use of keystoneauth1 sessions object.

There is no harm in passing all of the kwargs to both
glance and swift client objects and for swift, passing
just the session is not sufficient to correctly set
cacert and other security related settings.

efe393e... by James Page on 2020-06-16

Add build-packages to fix build failures on non-amd64 archs.

c722024... by James Page on 2020-06-16

Add snap packaging for simplestreams

Add snap packaging for simplestreams to ease distribution of
updates across Ubuntu series.

The snap will be used by the glance-simplestreams-sync

ca85e0e... by James Page on 2020-06-05

Add support for setting image custom properties

Add support for setting image custom properties on all images
synced into glance.

This feature was contributed into the glance-simplestreams-sync
charm in order to set various additional properties for arm64
based clouds.

7b32d5c... by James Page on 2020-06-04

Unpin linting tools to allow them to work on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Misc lint tidy as a result of new versions of tools and new checks.

ba827ca... by Robert C Jennings on 2020-05-26

make-test-data: Add missing change for uefi1 combined lxd sha