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fe7b890... by Robert Ancell

Correctly select the previous device after the device list is updated

d5ff593... by Robert Ancell

Fix destructor name

a162b00... by Robert Ancell

Fix error dialogs not showing

e75b346... by Robert Ancell

Store density information in bitmap formats (JPEG, PNG, TIFF). Requires gdk-pixbuf 2.32.2

99febdd... by Robert Ancell

Releasing 3.4.5

c12b3e0... by Robert Ancell

Stop configure if vala not found

3386778... by Robert Ancell

Set scan area of br-x and br-y to page size - this fixes drivers that don't have page-width and page-height options

f216871... by Robert Ancell

Don't access a variable after ownership is transferred - was breaking scans

343591d... by Robert Ancell

Hide C warnings, compile with Vala debugging information

91db537... by Robert Ancell

Use new GLib threading API