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2d4c06c... by =?utf-8?q?Frank_Grie=C3=9Fhammer?= <email address hidden>

Do not write empty keys (#89)

This adds two if-conditions to check if layer-lib keys are empty.

- in the lib of every `layerinfo.plist`, write the `org.unifiedfontobject.normalizer.imageReferences` dict only if there are images in the UFO
- consequently, only write the lib in `layerinfo.plist` if it does contain anything at all

f28ef21... by =?utf-8?q?Frank_Grie=C3=9Fhammer?= <email address hidden>

Make sure images come through (#88)

This simple fix ensures that image file names are actually recognized as such.

6d2e69c... by Colin Rofls <email address hidden>

Do not modify contents of <note> tag (#86)

* Do not modify contents of <note> tag

This changes the behaviour around normalizing the <note> field of .glif
files. Previously the contents of this element would be broken into
lines and reindented, but this was a potentially destructive operation.

With this patch, any content of a <note> element is passed through

For more discussion, see:

* Address code review comments

- make sure we're escaping XML correctly, and test that
- remove dedent_tabs function
- add a test for correctly encoding 'é'

186dbc1... by Cosimo Lupo <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #83 from daltonmaag/fix-x0-guidelines

Leave guidelines alone when at x or y = 0

2afb3a3... by Nikolaus Waxweiler <email address hidden>

Try and unbreak coveralls

ae46f22... by Nikolaus Waxweiler <email address hidden>

Leave guidelines alone when at x or y = 0

783ec14... by Josh Hadley <email address hidden>

Fix version import (#81)

* Update __init__.py

update version file import

* Update test_ufonormalizer.py

Check that package version is not the fallback value of "unknown".

89e6d4d... by Ben Kiel <email address hidden>

Cleanup based on @anthrotype feedback (#80)

d235d05... by Josh Hadley <email address hidden>

module -> package (#79)

* make package

so that `_version.py` doesn't get written to top-level of `site-packages` dir

* update .gitignore

_version.py path changed

151d433... by Josh Hadley <email address hidden>

Implement GitHub Actions for tests, releases (#76)

* Create run-tests.yml

First pass at GitHub Actions workflow for testing

* Update README.md

- remove Travis Badge
- update Python Version badge

* Delete .travis.yml

* Update run-tests.yml

Use coverage/coveralls

* Create publish-package.yml

* Delete appveyor.yml

* implement scm_version

* Update run-tests.yml

add manual trigger (workflow_dispatch)

* Update run-tests.yml

add GITHUB_TOKEN env to test run step

* Update run-tests.yml

fix env bug