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9914289... by Tom Aldcroft <email address hidden>

Provide config arg to quiet warning from meta() (#12)

The call to `setuptools_scm.version.meta()` is made here without providing an arg value for `config`, which always generates a warning from this code:


Example for a package downloaded from GitHub as a release zipfile:
(install-test37) ➜ proseco-4.8.0 python setup.py --version
/Users/aldcroft/Downloads/proseco-4.8.0/.eggs/setuptools_scm-3.5.0-py3.7.egg/setuptools_scm/version.py:200: UserWarning: meta invoked without explicit configuration, will use defaults where required.
  "meta invoked without explicit configuration,"

This warning is confusing and makes users wonder if there is a real problem that needs attention, e.g. #8.

a52e474... by Changaco <email address hidden>

merge 1.0 into master

ed3b0ac... by Joel Rivera

only call `setup()` once, and update `setup.cfg` (#10)

Make a single call to "setup" and change wheel to bdist_wheel in setup.cfg given the newer standards.

This PR is related to issue #9, because of the double setup calls, my current guess is some race condition between the removal/creation of the build directories between the two setup call, sometimes it works.

e0aba00... by abolger <email address hidden>

Reverting earlier change since bug was fixed in setuptools_scm 3.0.4 (#7)

Reverts 9866d25465a0c95ceeb0d5bc6502deb4bab582e0

f489ded... by Charly C <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #6 from abolger/master

Update to support python 3.

b5cc2c0... by Adrienne Bolger <email address hidden>

Updating package searcher for dependency for python 3.6 packages.

9866d25... by abolger <email address hidden>

Update to support python 3.

8976271... by Changaco <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #1 from RonnyPfannschmidt/fallback-hook

add the parse fallback hook

1c6421d... by Ronny Pfannschmidt <email address hidden>

add the parse fallback hook to ensure operation on customized scm parsing

see https://github.com/pypa/setuptools_scm/commit/4c5789a6827c512c3bc06eb9254bc1a6c4d020a6 for reference

f944e58... by Changaco <email address hidden>

clean up old eggs before building