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e45ab47... by Tal Leming <email address hidden>

Revert "Fix reading plist"

eeb594b... by Tal Leming <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #24 from graphicore/fix-reading-plist

Fix reading plist

0cd65fb... by Lasse Fister

Refactor and fix wrong usage of UFOReader._readPlist

All cases where UFOReader._readPlist was used suffered
from calling it with the fully constructed path where
it expected just the relative path/fileName of the plist.

Also, all cases had the similiar pattern of checking if
the file exists before trying to read it.

This replaces that pattern by `_getPlist`. The method has
a `default` argument that acts similar to the `default`
argument of the builtin function `getattr` i.e. when
`default is None` the requested plist is mandatory.

b7dca42... by Lasse Fister

Add additional location for xmlWriter

Analogous to https://github.com/benkiel/robofab/commit/42b7d1239eb93a1e7cc93f2fffda146cddd3e772
by @benkiel

5a2a814... by Lasse Fister

Define UFOReader._checkForFile as an alias of os.path.exists

Maybe we should rather replace it with os.path.exists, as this
would make the code easier to read. Also os.path.exists is already
used very often in ufoLib.__init__

4797598... by Erik <email address hidden>

Add validator test to converters doctest.

Make sure the kerning validator is ok with both old and converted
groups. It seems to be.

c5f91a0... by Erik van Blokland <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #11 from robofab-developers/ufo3k-kerning-upconversion-additions

Incorporate additions to the kerning group conversion process.

8dc8742... by Tal Leming <email address hidden>

Add write time kerning group down conversion to UFOWriter.

This allows the UFO 3 up converted kerning group names to be reset to
their original names at the time of writing in UFO <= 2.

0f6b6d7... by Tal Leming <email address hidden>

Fix some failing tests.

I’m not sure why these were still broken.

2a026d3... by Tal Leming <email address hidden>

Tie the new prefixed group locating function into the converter.