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02fe075... by Ben Kiel <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #32 from adrientetar/python3

meta: some more Python3 fixes

4008be9... by Adrien Tétar

More utf8 when writing files

b6cb34b... by Adrien Tétar

Revert expat workaround, open file as binary instead

22a8842... by Adrien Tétar

plistlib: already utf-8

1fa1ede... by Jens Kutilek <email address hidden>

Add build directory to .gitignore

7b10bea... by Ben Kiel <email address hidden>

Add additional location for xmlWriter

The GitHub version of FontTools moved the location of xmlWriter to
fontTools.misc. This checks both locations when importing it.

f74992a... by BehdadEsfahbod

Fix import FontInfo from fonttools

Many bug fixes in this function:

  - Rename from deprecated fontStyle to styleMapStyleName,
  - Fix OpenType nameID for fontStyle; was 1, should be 2,
  - Lowercase style name such that "Regular" is accepted,
  - Request English names, otherwise we get arbitrary language,
  - Correctly decode strings as UTF-16BE, not UTF-16,
  - Improve error reporting.

It's not perfect, but at least loads regular fonts without error.


2cbd77e... by Jens Kutilek <email address hidden>

Import only necessary modules from AppKit to get rid of delay on initial execution (FontLab 5.1/Yosemite)

d812b96... by Adrien Tétar

plistlib: int and long are unified in Python 3

fbd6f2c... by Adrien Tétar

ufoLib: unpack monthrange tuple