Last commit made on 2021-07-30
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8defef7... by Tim Eves <email address hidden>

Merge branch 'tidyup-warnings' into remove-itoa

58230ce... by Tim Eves

Remove unused array in Fsm.cpp

34b278b... by Tim Eves

Fix more 32bit warnings

4d63456... by Tim Eves

Fix warnings for Win32 Compiler.cpp

This also involves regularising type for GlyphIDs to gid16 instead of
the mishmash of int and utf16 types currently used.
Set version fields to be uint32_t consisntently.

2ca11e9... by Tim Eves

signed/unsigned loop induction variable

af8689a... by Tim Eves

More win32/64 warning fixes

0ca764f... by Tim Eves

Fix more warnings and tighten up Write routines

840e91e... by Tim Eves

More Windows FTBFS fixes

b8aa950... by Tim Eves

Fix FTBFS in Windows

d36db7e... by Tim Eves

Fix more 32bit warnings