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5d54f42... by Tim Eves

Use C++ locale aware std::isdigit

We need to cast the char16_t characters into a char type with a stdlib
supplied std::ctype<CharT> implementation available so either char or
We use this as Windows doesn't seem to find std::isdigit or std::iswdigit, even with <cctype> included.

44c90b3... by Tim Eves

Fix std::isdigit calls to pick the right overload

There are two overloaded std::isidigit calls in the C/C++ stdlib.
The older C single int parameter one from <cctypes> and the new C++
template version which takes the character and a locale. Cast to the
char16_t character to an int to force the use of the libc version.
This assumes that we only care about digits 0-9 and aren't supporting
other digit sets.

95dd37a... by nrsiward <email address hidden>

Updated the PigLatin v2 benchmark

9ef83bd... by nrsiward <email address hidden>

Generated 'unique font identifier' so it is not typically dependent on the year the font is compiled

c61c0f1... by Alan Ward <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #37 from silnrsi/tidyup-warnings

Tidyup warnings

b0028c9... by Tim Eves

Fix warnings for Win32 Compiler.cpp

This also involves regularising type for GlyphIDs to gid16 instead of
the mishmash of int and utf16 types currently used.
Set version fields to be uint32_t consisntently.

24c9c27... by Tim Eves

Fix FTBFS for 32bit linux on Xenial

ec30939... by Tim Eves

Clean warnings from OutputToFont

6fdc0b9... by Tim Eves

Clean warnings in GrpLexer & ParserTreeWalker

bd2db01... by Tim Eves

Clean warnings in several classes

The Error classes