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d470bd9... by Tim Eves

FTBFS: On Xenial32bit template defns not in header

Move the the template definitions into the header and refactor common
code into non-generic functions.

31710d9... by nrsiward <email address hidden>

Fix preprocessor handling of compilation date

3b719b3... by nrsiward <email address hidden>

Fix bug in install location for man docs

74f42ca... by nrsiward <email address hidden>

Update LZ4 to v1.9.3

1cad925... by nrsiward <email address hidden>

Merge branch 'remove-itoa'

325fa37... by Alan Ward <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #39 from silnrsi/tidyup-warnings

Tidyup warnings redux

94f33bc... by Alan Ward <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #38 from silnrsi/isdigit-fix

FTBFS: Fix std::isdigit calls to work on Windows

8defef7... by Tim Eves <email address hidden>

Merge branch 'tidyup-warnings' into remove-itoa

5d54f42... by Tim Eves

Use C++ locale aware std::isdigit

We need to cast the char16_t characters into a char type with a stdlib
supplied std::ctype<CharT> implementation available so either char or
We use this as Windows doesn't seem to find std::isdigit or std::iswdigit, even with <cctype> included.

44c90b3... by Tim Eves

Fix std::isdigit calls to pick the right overload

There are two overloaded std::isidigit calls in the C/C++ stdlib.
The older C single int parameter one from <cctypes> and the new C++
template version which takes the character and a locale. Cast to the
char16_t character to an int to force the use of the libc version.
This assumes that we only care about digits 0-9 and aren't supporting
other digit sets.