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518085a... by nrsiward <email address hidden>

Updated the PigLatin v2 benchmark

f03fc19... by nrsiward <email address hidden>

Generated 'unique font identifier' so it is not typically dependent on the year the font is compiled

cc6566a... by "DALLAS\\correll" <email address hidden>

Patch rounding errors that were happening with the glyph sub-boxes in the 64-bit build.

767f45a... by Tim Eves

Use -A cmake paramter to choose correct icu binary

When donwloading the icu binary release dependency for Windows, ensure
the appropraite build is downloaded depending on whether a 64 bit or
32 bit build is being requested.

e97a382... by Tim Eves <email address hidden>

Use correct Windows 64 platform name in README.md

56b0f2a... by Tim Eves <email address hidden>

Update README.md build instructions

Explain how to choose between 32 or 64 bit builds with CMake

fe1c8e1... by "DALLAS\\correll" <email address hidden>

Fixed assertions to match order of collision.minY/maxX glyph attributes.

fc0c955... by Bobby de Vos

Specify CMake build dependency and not Autotools

8df8817... by Bobby de Vos

Build Debian packages with CMake and not Autotools

dcacedb... by "DALLAS\\correll" <email address hidden>

Fix collision.fix - was generating min instead of fix.